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Is it only a matter of time before Josh Hamilton falls off the wagon?

Asked by emt333 (789points) July 15th, 2008

and what’s the over/under for number of seasons before he relapses?

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Jeeze, one of the best stories in baseball and all you want is for him to ruin his life again? Fuct.

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Nah, he’ll be around for a while. He’s got a few more long ones tucked away.

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I think he has climbed out of the dark, and he will go on to even greater things than his home run derby feat. I wish him all the best.

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I think he’s in it for the long haul. Great play today during the All Star Game

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Speaking of Josh Hamilton, what was more amazing an ex-heroin addict hitting all those home runs, or the 71 year old man throwing all those pitches to him?

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I know! I love the whole little league coach story.

As for the ASG, I am a dbacks fan so I hate the yankees on principles but boy was that opening ceremony a tear jerker or what?

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@awesome, er, uberbatman I agree. Let’s see if we can get the movie rights. Can’t ya picture it now?

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I think I’m going to start saying uberbatman too – makes a nice change from awesome, fabulous or cool!

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@Marina and bbn: doesn’t it just?

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