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How to optimize Microsoft Outlook to open emails faster?

Asked by JasperHoward (1points) April 9th, 2015

I have been using Microsoft Outlook 2013 for almost 2 years now and these days it has been really slow when opening new emails. Is it possible to make it faster? May be by ‘defragmenting’ it just like we do to hard disks when things run slowly.. :)

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Sounds like your in-basket and for that matter your whole Outlook is getting larger. Larger means it takes longer to load. Reduce the number of emails in the in-basket. Move everything else into folders.

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I would advise several things:

1) Empty your deleted items folder

2) If you haven’t already, set up a cache mailbox, which will keep a copy of what you have on the server locally, and will give you access that much more speed.

3) One question: are you getting your mail from an Exchange server or from a POP3 or IMAP server. Exchange and IMAP just naturally take longer because they are synchronizing a lot of messages before they open.

4) Windows/Outlook does do occasional optimization of the OST or PST – not really defragging but sort of like it, But it usually does that at night.

5) If you have Windows Search on, turn it off – it is a resource pig. It may be indexing each of your emails as it arrives. There are better ways to search Outlook mailboxes.

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