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Who got better looking with age?

Asked by jaytkay (25787points) April 10th, 2015

The cult of youth will be eternal. Most of us looked best when we were young.

But I think a few entertainers were much more attractive after age 30 or 40. Vanessa Williams and George Clooney would be conspicuous examples.

Who else?

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Johnny Depp.

Rob Lowe

Jennifer Aniston

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Elizabeth Warren was on The Daily Show last night. She keeps getting hotter.

And seriously. Please run for President before I die.

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Kevin Costner

Alan Rickman

Martin Clunes

Mark Harmon

Johnny Galecki

Neil Patrick Harris

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Neil Patrick Harris doesn’t count since he doesn’t age.

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Keanu Reeves.

There are lots of people who still look young, but have they improved with age? Men seem more likely to improve with age as a general rule.

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Joshua Jackson who played Peter on Fringe. Jake Gyllenhaal Dylan McDermott Brad Pitt Robert Downy Jr. Rob Lowe.
Jennifer Esposito Tea Leoni, Tim Daly (Both in Madam Secretary, hot looking couple) Alan Cumming , Julianna Margulies, Christine Baransk (All from The Good Wife) Taraji P. Henson from Empire

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Emma Watson?

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I don’t think it’s fair to reference the celebrities who use various means – whether it’s intravenous vitamin treatments, botox and filler injections, monthly or weekly spa procedures, personal trainers and chefs, and plastic surgeons – to keep up appearances, since it’s not natural “aging”. Of course most of them don’t reveal to what extent they go to fight aging, but very few are allowing it to happen naturally. That is why Frances McDormond is my hero.

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@cazzie I feel the same way.

@hearkat Fair point.

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I think I look better now in my late 40’s than I did in my late 30’s, mostly due to a large amount of weight lost.

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^^ You are super cute : P

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Reba McEntire

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