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In your opinion what choice or decision do you feel you have had to defend the most, in your life?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19395points) April 11th, 2015

Was it domestic, religious, or political?
So in your case what was it?
In my case it was our choice not to have children, we were hounded pretty relentlessly for the first 10plus years of our marriage.
We kept having to defend the fact that it was our choice not theirs, and now it has calmed down, but relatives and friends took a very long time to finally understand that.

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Putting my mom in a nursing home (I shared the decision with 6 other siblings mind you)

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It’s a tie between:

“Why would you adopt a child when you’re perfectly capable of having your own?”


“How can you not believe in god if your were raised a Catholic?”

Both asked repeatedly over the years by a variety of small-minded, ignorant people. Many of whom I’m related to.

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My choice to turn to “big pharma” to treat my disease.

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Parting with Catholicism was almost certainly the decision requiring the most repeated as well as rigorous defense. There could be no quiet or unnoticed slipping away. And thinking it over, I realized that there shouldn’t be an easy way out when people who care about you fear for your immortal soul. At first I was irritated that folks couldn’t see things my way, but soon found it humbling that so many cared at all.

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Not staying in the navy and getting a pension. I’m way happier being out. My sanity is not worth it.

That and liking fat women. Fat people are the only demographic that society thinks is ok to treat terribly. Just because you’re not racist or sexist doesn’t mean you’re a good person if you’re still a high school bully.

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Divorcing my ex wife.

Not because I was wrong in my decision making.

But simply because in our culture there is an assumed truth-If the woman leaves, it is because the man is an asshole. If the man leaves it is because the man is an asshole.

This axiom is false. But it is out there.

FYI, in my case, my ex wife was not only an asshole but a supreme moron as a bonus.

Now you know.

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Hm. This is a good question. Here? Perhaps my methods of raising my children (who turned out great, BTW.)

IRL, not much, really. If I think I have to defend it, I make a point of avoiding the subject.

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Not having kids.

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@syz you to huh??
People just don’t get it when some don’t want to populate.

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Here are five:

#5. Owning a Lexus. (People assume that I am wealthy. It was purchased used and I’ve had it for almost 20 years.)
#4. Not loathing President Obama.
#3. Not desiring to have a child (see @syz and @SQUEEKY2)
#2. Not married yet.

And (drum roll…)
#1. Not believing in a god, and specifically, not being a Christian.

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- Not following any religion.
– Being single for the rest of my life.
– Becoming a crime writer.
– Having an interest in crime.
– Refusing to follow the crowd.

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Befriending various pariahs.

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I divorced myself from my parents when I was about 22. Just wasn’t a good “fit”. lol

Not eating meat. I’m Midwestern US, eating meat was like breathing at the time.

I’m agnostic in the Buckle of the Bible Belt.

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Choosing to move to the country years ago.
My ex in-laws who were very affluent and snobby, especially my MIL they just couldn’t get around my hippie cowgirl lifestyle and their son moving way out in the “middle of nowhere.” ( Um…middle of nowhere was 1 hour and 10 minutes out of the city. lol )
My ex MIL must have exclaimed about 47 times over the years ” I just don’t UNDERSTAND WHY you want geese for pets!!!???”

WTF! You don’t need to “understand.” haha

I finally told her one day after the umpteenth time she made this remark ” Well…I don’t understand WHY you collect Mickey Mouse watches!” THAT finally shut her up and then I divorced her son so I have not had to deal with her for a blissful dozen years now. lol

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Actually, I think I’ve been asked about being a vegetarian more than anything.
Everyone wants to know how long and if it was health of principle related. (More than 10 years, maybe 15? +? Both.)

I don’t really feel defensive about it.

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