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I purchased a very old Chinese Chest that has Mandarin pages glued inside. Can anyone translate these pages into English?

Asked by Inspired_2write (14486points) April 21st, 2015

If anyone can translate the photographed pages please contact me on Fluther.
Two Asian ladies stated that it said 14 when I asked the age of the Chest?
I took this to mean that it was made in 1914?
It looks like someone pasted numerous pages in Mandarin as these ladies stated. They however could not or would not translate since they knew little English.

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I sent a PM to a jelly who might be able to help.

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I don’t see a link to photographs of the pages. Out of curiosity I’d like to see the chest too.

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sorry having extreme troubles obtaining a link

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Received from :

Anyway, I’ve seen the picture, and although it still seems a little vague and maybe a more amplificated pic would help more, but I think it’s main content is about history stories or extraction of famous ancient articles.All best wishes to you!
So it did not in fact give any indication to the Cabinet, obviously someone just pasted the pages inside for whatever reason? But still would like to know if anyone can identify what the cabinet was used for and what year if possible that it was made?
I for some reason am not sucessful in linking the images to Fluther .
My computer may be too old or it is a software issue? ( outdated)
I will try another site to post it publically whereas I can hopefully link too Fluther too.

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