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Suggestions for several days in Phoenix Area?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (576points) April 23rd, 2014

I and my girlfriend will be in the Phoenix area in the end of May for three days. We will have access to a car. Any suggestions for things we need to see or do? We love the outdoors, the interesting and rare and the fun. Thanks so much!

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Drive to Sedona. Or Jasper.

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The botanical gardens are really beautiful. You probably want to go early to avoid the heat. There’s also hiking in the same park that is home to the gardens.

Delux in Scottsdale serves up an amazing gourmet burger. There’s also a gelato place in that strip mall.

IKEA may interest you. Maybe not so much for the furniture as the housewares. On the ground floor, you’ll find all kinds of kitchen gear, storage solutions and more.

Tempe has a cool vibe. Better of school is in session.

In Ahwatakee, there are two great breakfast/brunch/lunch places. The Farm at South Mountain is a really unique combination of restaurant and farm with picnic tables and pleasant scenery. The Hillside Spot is a hip take on breakfast and lunch favorites.

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I second the botanical garden I had a lovely time there. Though the cactuses have mostly bloomed out by now they really were lovely when I went.

They have a frank Lloyd wright building tour that I was dying to do but it didn’t work out. I am however a flw enthusiast.

Downtown Scottsdale was where I hung out I loved this little bbq on the corner… Forgot the name. But anyhow you can just walk up and down the street and wander in whereever you want. I found a number of great karaoke places or that had live music. They do have luxurious greenbelts and there seems to be golf courses everywhere. Then of course there is the grand canyon tours but you probably won’t have the time unless you take a helicopter.

They do also have a zoo, but I didn’t go so I can’t say one way or the other. There also is hiking. I had a local show me a trail or two but I’m sure you can easily find a trail head with some inquiries

Have a lovely trip whatever you decide to do.

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The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is really interesting. The Heard Museum has a really nice collection of Arizona Indian art including Kachinas.

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We drove up to Sedona one day from there and then back past the ghost town of Jerome. Pretty spectacular but that is a long day.

I second the Desert Museum especially since you are into gardening.

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The zoo sucks, most of the animals are nocturnal so you will really just be looking at their habitats. The elephants and giraffes are the only ones I’ve seen out and about there and I’ve been several different times.

I highly recommend the AZ Science Center it is tons of fun and they have a bunch of great things to do & see!

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I will be in Flagstaff for a wedding before my girlfriend flies into phoenix. If I had to choose between the two, would you recommend Meteor Crater or Walnut Canyon?

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Meteor crater

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