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How are your eating habits?

Asked by Devilishtreat (621points) April 28th, 2015

Do you care what you eat? GMO, artificial ingredients, food coloring, etc.

I ask because healthy eaters seem to be sprouting out everywhere in America. Fast food chains are losing profits, Monsanto is starting to feel the pain while organic farmers are starting to feel the gain. People are starting to care about what goes in their body.

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A bit on the careless side. Not the worst but I will have to get my act together soon as I can see the effects clearly.

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Oh, I just eat whatever. The only thing I pay attention is calorie count. That, by itself, has the effect of directing me toward more healthy foods.

I think that it takes a spoiled, fat, arrogant nation to have the luxury of eating only certain things in a certain way.

Do you have any articles to back up your claims that Monsanto is “hurting?” Last I heard the got a huge win from the FDA. Also, I doubt your claim that fast food is losing profits.

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I try to eat less processed foods and I definitely pay attention to nutritional content. However, I don’t pay much attention to things that use GMOs or food coloring or anything. If I see a product that says “non-GMO” on it, I think “oh, that’s nice”, but I don’t go out of way to get things like that. I have been cooking a lot of my own food more recently. I’ve always been interested in cooking, but I cook more now than I ever have in the past.

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I eat when I am hungry.

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I eat pretty well but could stand to drop a few in my middle age now. I love food, cooking, eating and planning meals. My worst weakness is sugar. I rarely eat fast food, Taco bell now and then.

I bought a Filet O ‘Fish at McDonalds a few months ago and felt absolutely sick after eating it. I am not an extremist about anything, middle pather here but I am not giving up my cheeses and sweets, ever! Over my dead body, literally. haha
I make a lot of delicious and healthy soups, and could live on baked cabbage, cole slaw, baked potatoes and cherry pie! lol

We also have our own flock of laying hens and get farm fresh eggs every day. Goose and duck eggs too!

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Good for you, @Coloma ! A solid middle ground at least is very good.

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Dismal! I don’t eat NEAR enough veggies and fruits! And I have had a MAJOR hankering for cinnamon rolls of late.

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Chocolate Malt-O-Meal. Yum.

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I have to care, between newly diagnosed diabetes, congestive heart failure, and high blood pressure…I have 60 carbs a meal (if that), and 1500 mg of sodium a day (if that).

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Everything in moderation – except occasionally…

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I don’t have the money to buy organic when it’s questionable whether there are even health benefits to doing so at all. Once I have a paycheck I would be interested in paying more mind to the environmental impacts of food I eat (how far it’s been shipped, primarily) but I’m not going to let myself get all worried about the pseudoscience claiming that I’m going to die from eating GMO. Every other day somebody is shouting that something new is going to give me cancer and I can’t be bothered to listen to them all. The stress and anxiety about eating bad things is probably worse for you than the bad things themselves.

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M. Sausage and cheese biscuit from McD’s.

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I can’t afford to eat the way I’d like to – which would be mostly veggies and lean protein. I do have to watch my fat intake or I end up sick.

I have no problems with GMO and fast food. Those are laughable first world problems. I wish I had the problems of people who have the luxury to bitch about GMOs.

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Those are laughable first world problems. Exactly. I’m taking it to facebook!

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Pretty good. I do like to eat out a lot and I’m a sucker for fancy restaurants but I eat pretty healthy most of the time and I never have dessert.

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I eat what my wife (a registered dietician) presents to me. But when she is not around I eat junk food when I have a chance. Eating is not a social thing for me. I eat the food to fill my belly (8/10 full) and then move on. I never restrict calories, I burn them. Hate going out to eat at restaurants (big waste of time and money).

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My eating habits are excellent, I love fruits and veggies. I haven’t touched fast food in about 20 years, other than pizza. That’s my weakness. But my LDL is 47. My Aunt called me an asshole for that one. I like making vegetarian dishes for my nieces, and most of the family likes them too. It just takes some work to make them well.

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If they care in the US it appears they are doing nothing about it. Seems people are getting larger with more girth at ever younger ages. Myself, I know my diet is crappy, lots of snack and what would be called junk food, but I don’t really cook, I have no one to cook for, and I am too much on the go to feel the time is warranted to cook that much.

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When it comes to produce I am not picky.
When it comes ot animal products, I like Whole Foods. I can, if I choose, check out the conditions that the critters were raised.
I understand that we raise animals as food,
But I do not approve of raising food as animals.

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I try not to eat many frozen, preserved foods with a ton of ingredients that I don’t know like dihidroxipolymates and benzotrypotenes (I made those terms up but you get the idea). Not sure if they’re even bad for me but I feel better eating simple types of food. I keep stuff basic. I don’t buy many mixes or pre-made stuff, I tend to get the raw ingredients.
@janbb So I guess that means even moderation is in moderation!

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As long as it feels good in my mouth, then come in.

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I am rather fussy when I can afford that luxury. As one who grew up amidst farms (though not on one) I prefer vegetable that taste like vegetables, and ideally ones picked within the last month. While I will eat the other kind, I’d rather not. I’m a little less fussy about my meat, but I have found that those places that treat their animals decently also tend to treat the product the animals died for with care and respect, leading to better flavor.

Much of my eating is home-cooked meals. I tend to eat more than my fair share of cheese, and like many have a weakness for bacon. I’m not big on fried foods though, with the exceptions of cheese sticks and country-fried bacon. My favorite snack is cheese and crackers.

When I do eat out, I like to mix it up a little, though Seattle has many options for that. Maybe Greek, maybe Mexican, maybe Ethiopian, maybe Indian, I have to watch out for Asian though as we have so many Asian food places here that you pretty much have to specify by province; merely going by country isn’t enough. That’s slightly true of Mexican as well. Aside from the occasional shrimp, salmon, or Sushi, there’s no seafood in my diet though.

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I don’t eat mammals. I try to eat low sugar options and avoid sweets. I prefer foods that are less processed and with fewer preservatives. I always read the nutrition information and ingredients before I eat something.

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I try to eat unprocessed fresh foods like fresh fruit and vegetables. I like to cook meals and just have the occasional ready meal or meal out in a restaurant. I think it’s easier to watch what you if you know what’s going into it. I used to eat organic but now don’t bother as I can’t really afford the higher prices. I like to cook with my children – they eat better that way. My 13 year old is quite a good cook now.

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I eat as well as I can but splurge periodically. Eating fresh vegetables and limiting processed food makes a huge difference. I tend to slack in the winter but get more anal about what I eat in the summer when I’m more active.

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I have some GI and possibly auto-immune issues that I have been trying to treat with diet.

I eat vegetables (preferably seasonal, local and organic), meat (preferably local and pastured), eggs (preferably from local and pastured chickens) and some fruit (preferably seasonal, local and organic… unless the skin will be removed and then I don’t fuss). I drink a ton of water, sometimes with lemon (if not organic then I just squeeze the juice in… if organic then I put a whole slice in the water) and sometimes tea. For a treat, I eat fair-trade, organic, non-dairy chocolate.

I take probiotic pills (non-dairy) and occasionally drink kombucha. I’d like to try lacto-fermenting vegetables this summer.

I don’t eat dairy, gluten, rice, corn or soy. I still have some GI/joint symptoms, so I am considering eliminating eggs and nightshades.

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I don’t eat mammals either. Just reptiles.

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I pretty much have the opposite of @cupcake’s diet.

I did make some ginger lemonade syrup to add to my water though. Not organic.

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It is 12:45 in sunny and warm CA. and I am in the middle of about 6 hours worth of stuff. I have been so busy I hadn’t eaten a bite yet, sooo..I just wolfed down a giant bowl of my friends famous warm german potato salad she made last night. OMG…SO GOOD. Smoked paprika, caramelized onions, I now shall sit for a few minutes and digest before round 2 of my chores commence. haha

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Peanut butter and honey.

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From my personal experience, I honestly feel better after ditching all groceries with gluten in it. It’s actually a genuine thing, just too many people keeps pumping the story and making it a trend.

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I learned not to eat a meal that is bigger than the size of my fist, and it works.
I’m not into anti-gluten, anti-GMO and all that anti-first world pampering.

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