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Seat Covers for my red Audi A3?

Asked by ysosrs85 (4points) April 29th, 2015

I was wondering if there were someone who could help me find a dependable company who has custom-made car seats fabricated. I’m not positive that this the right place to inquire about this but, but I might as well tr :) I have a 2013 Audi A3 IV and would like to get some car seats to spoil myself a bit before the summer comes in. I’ve checked out a few things that E-bay had to offer, but I wasn’t really too impressed. Everything was kind of bland for me. Anyway, I’m open to suggestions, but at the same time I would prefer for the company to be closer to me. I had just moved here to Berlin about four months ago, and I wouldn’t really like to pay more than the actual seat covers are actually worth (I want to avoid any types of extra costs, even shipping costs from other countries, but if I’m unable to find something here then it wouldn’t be the end of the world). I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone, including past experiences, be them positive or negative!

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I would start by talking to the dealer. I’ve bought what were advertised as custom seat covers online before and they ended up being ill fitting generics. The Audi dealer is probably your safest bet.

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Thanks for your answer. I agree that I should talk to some dealers. I already have somewhat of a list of websites, dealers and the like. The problem is that if the quality is good then sometimes there is something shady going behind the scenes, and if the quality is somewhat lacking, then the dealer is at least not shady. I’d rather have the best of both worlds, obviously, which is tough to come by at times, especially in the not so wide realm of seat covers. I’ve seen numerous ads for seat covers that were “fit for Audi,” but I have yet to be impressed. I´ll keep looking! Thanks again for your response


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