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Is it unreasonable to ask how much it will cost to fix the the social problems that everybody complains about when black folks get shot by police?

Asked by josie (30926points) May 6th, 2015

Every time black folks get shot by police in an urban area, the discussion eventually winds up being a commentary on the fact that taxpayers are not giving up enough money to fix this or that social problem.

And, perhaps that is true.

But isn’t it reasonable for tax payers to know the amount of money it will take to fix the problem?

Otherwise, in my opinion, it is sort of like a landlord telling you that you are not paying enough rent, but they will not tell you how much is enough, so you are always left in doubt whether or not you can afford the rent.

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I didn’t know money had been brought up during these discussions, I haven’t really been watching the coverage much, but sure it’s reasonable to ask for a dollar figure. I think it will likely be inaccurate. Not on purpose necessarily, but just because predicting the cost of such things is usually inaccurate.

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That is not a problem that money can be thrown at, even though that topic always manages to come up. People will have to change (and want to change) the way they think and feel to overcome those barriers.

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Haven’t heard talk about money and taxes; if only the problems were that simple.

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Money is the issue? Shit, all this time I thought police abusing their power was the issue.

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Sounds to me like bringing up a bill for services is a red herring. Or a straw man. Or whatever metaphor one prefers for ducking the actual issue.

I wasn’t aware that “let’s not kill people” would be an expensive policy for the police. Even if it were… seriously, that’s the priority?

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Let’s forget about the money and take a hard look at the “why”. These incidents as with most of the so called news are really about the distance between what we are told the country is about and the truth on the ground. The fact is that the police are probably worthy of sympathy. They really are “just doin their job”. It was never written in a job description anywhere, but it was certainly what was expected, and delivered since the emancipation proclamation. Suddenly in the middle of the game, cell phone cameras have rendered the 150 year unwritten job description no longer viable. The cops find themselves with the ground snatched out from under them as their traditional role regarding black folks pops out in the open.

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Death & taxes, can’t avoid em, accept this.

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It’s not a money issue, it’s a configuration issue.

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