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Besides epilepsy and seizures have any of you ladies and gentlemen ever got an EEG?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) May 7th, 2015

Why did the doctor suggest it and what did you see, did things become clearer? Due to chronic sleepiness, foggy thinking and often finding it hard to remember words, a neurologist suggested an eeg. I think it is an extreme move is it not. It is not thyroid issues because that has been ruled out.

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I did a sleep study and my brain waves were all hooked up and measured.

Why do you call it extreme? Because you think it is unlikely to show anything? Did he do an MRI already?

I assume your doctor tested your iron levels, B12 and vitamin D?

Do you take any medications?

Make sure you look at your thyroid numbers yourself. If any number is at the bottom or top of the normal ranges you might be suffering from a thyroid problem. The ranges have been argued for years. Did they check your TSH, T4free and T3?

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What kind of words are you finding it difficult to remember? If you’re forgetting really common words, that was probably the deciding factor – especially if it’s becoming really frequent. So no, in that case, I don’t think it seems extreme at all. It’s the smart thing to do, to be on the safe side.

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No he has not done anything yet. I take vitamin supplements and according to two endcrinologists the thyroid is ok. I am taking one antidepressant daily- 20 mg. He does not think that is causing my comatose state. I do so want to take part in daily life but it is becoming harder. Not lazy, just deceased on the inside.

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It sounds like you are in a pretty bad way. Why not have the test if the doctor thinks it could help in diagnosis?

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I would seriously consider the medication as being the culprit. Depression can cause some of those symptoms too, but brain fog and forgetfulness is common with many psych drugs.

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I’ve had several while the doctors were chasing down my adrenal cancers. They used them to rule out other causes for the weird crap my body was doing. The glue they used to affix the electrodes took weeks to finally wash out.

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Just some advice for the future: when you have blood work done, get a copy of the test results so you can look at them yourself and see what the numbers are. Sometimes the doctor may miss something and you may catch it and then be able to question it if you have the results yourself. Extra pair of eyes is usually not a bad thing.

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They gave me a thorough going-over as a child.

I was terrified, by the way. They blamed all my problems on my father, and told my mother to get a divorce. How stupid can you get? I’m glad she didn’t…

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