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Is it bad if I get some satisfaction out of one decent medical test?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36713points) May 13th, 2015

My MRI came back as unremarkable. I knew what the doc was looking for, so that’s a nice feeling. But if I’m happy with that, will the shit sandwich be arriving shortly? What are your thoughts? Does celebrating bring bad news?

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Not at all, live in the moment.

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Take it for what it is—good news right now. So far, so good.

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Unremarkable means there’s no cause for any alarm. I’d celebrate! Treat yourself to an extra cuppa decaf today!

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You know better. Actually, that’s wrong. Only YOU know what works for YOU.

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Having faced the same situation on several occasions—one of them a few years ago as serious as it gets—I long-since decided not always to base my optimism on one good test. When I feel uncomfortable with even good results, I ask lots of questions and, if still I’m not entirely comfortable, I see another doctor. Doctors and clinicians are so specialized these days that you just can’t be sure whether any one doctor is seeing everything.

Following my own advice two years ago literally saved my life.

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