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I have good news and I have bad news. Which do you want first?

Asked by andrew (16543points) November 21st, 2008

I mean, obviously you want to hear the bad news first, right? Does anyone ever want to hear the good news first?

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Bad news first!!!

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I just say to pick one, I don’t really care what order they go in. I’ve always tended to say good news first when pressed, because occasionally I could get preoccupied with the bad news and not give a damn about the good things.

So, good news first.

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Bad news for me, thanks. Unless the good news is super fake and going to be a total let down. Only bad news first if it is REAL good news.

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What about bad news and old news?

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I like bad, followed by good. Kinda like getting a vaccination and then a lollipop.

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Wow that question was misleading. I thought you were actually going to give us some news.

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i like the bad news news first so that the good news makes up for the bad news that was told.

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Wow, I’m the only one who likes good news first. Odd.

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Will someone please show this to my SO? He always gives me the good news first because he seems to think it butters me up for the bad. Whenever he tells me something good now, I tense up and wait for the other shoe to fall.

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I am still bracing myself for the bad news.

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If the good news can negate the bad, I’ll take the bad first. If the good news isn’t that great, I don’t care which comes first.

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Bad news first, always.

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bad news or good news, I never pay attention :s, really…

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The good news…a lot of times the good news is just as bad as the bad news ;-)

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Bad news: Andrew, you scared me.
Good news: it was just a question.

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I only clicked on this question because andrew asked it. Thought there was some fluther news. Stop scaring me.

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With all the bad economic news coming these days, I though you had more bad news for us, Andrew. Glad you didn’t.

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