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I've always wondered: Why do people put so much frosting on cupcakes and cakes?

Asked by Blackberry (33949points) May 13th, 2015

Even when I was child I knew it was odd. How are people not disgusted by a solid inch of sugary frosting? One time I went to this gourmet cupcake store with a date and I paid way more than a person should for a cupcake that was like 40% cake and 60% frosting. ‘Effing gross!

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<———Some people love frosting. With bakery cupcakes, I break off the bottom of the cake and wipe off about ½ the frosting onto it. Then, I get two halves with the right amount of frosting.

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Blech. Maybe they suck as bakers and try to hide it with the frosting. I hate that. A good cupcake or cake should be able to stand on it’s own.

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May as well call them cumcakes.
Traditional decoration & habit I s’pose.

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It’s a trend to have such a fancy, full-of-frosting cupcake. They look pretty and some people may like them. I don’t. I like more cake, less frosting.

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I’d just take the frosting if I could. Mmmmm…

Cake sucks.

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Yup, @jca is right. Google cupcake shops and all the proof is there. 10 Best Cupcake Shops in L.A. is a perfect example.

It goes beyond that. Stores are filled with cupcake supplies now. Maybe this has replaced scrap-booking?

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I think it’s probably evolved from pandering to kids. There’s never too much sugar for the little junkies who will dependably hound parents til they get their fix.

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If you make a cupcake that looks like a “church lady cupcake” with just a shmear of frosting, it doesn’t look elegant and fancy. I’m telling you it’s all about aesthetics.

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But the creeping arms race to pile on the frosting has reached the suburbs of disgusting as you dig through and pile up icing like snow from a blizzard. You have to work pretty hard to get a balanced mouthful.

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A “church lady cupcake” hmmm, reminds me of a SNL skit.

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I can’t stand butter cream frosting, so when I was little, my mom would make my birthday cakes and leave the frosting off of them.

I actually, I prefer birthday pies.

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Here’s the math on that:

Muffin > cupcake^2

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When I was a kid cupcakes had a normal amount of frosting like a typical cake frosting. In fact, when we made them at home they barely had any icing, just a thin coat on top. This new trend of super high frosting is ridiculous to me. I can’t eat those cupcakes with my hands, I need a fork and knife. I think the high frosting is mostly about being eye catching.

Don’t get me wrong, I can eat a spoon of frosting all in its own, but I don’t want it piled high on my cupcakes or cakes.

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Good point @JLeslie. There’s no way to neatly eat a cupcake that has three inches of frosting on it, unless you have a fork. It kind of defeats the purpose of the cupcake, when you think about it.

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@jca Exactly. They especially don’t work for kids anymore, having even smaller mouths compared to adults. You should be able to have a cupcake in your hand and eat it without too much trouble. I don’t know if the size of cupcakes, the actual cake part, are bigger now? Have they grown like bagels and muffins?

I have the same problem with sandwiches made too tall. You can’t bite into them. I wind up using a fork and knife, or removing the top bread. I don’t take very big bites of food to begin with. I don’t mean my bite is noticeably smaller, but I see my bite compared to my husband’s for instance, and it is fairly significant.

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For those who have problems with the piled high frosting, just do what @marinelife described above.

This is exactly what I always do and it works perfectly (Great Minds…)

Once you separate the two halves and ½ the frosting on each, you can then eat each half separately or put them together like a frosting sandwich. It works great and all you need is a knife. No fork necessary.

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@jca Yeah, it’s to make it look more appealing. I fuckin hate frosting though. And cake.

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