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Besides not having to go to work, what makes you feel like you're on vacation?

Asked by JLeslie (65561points) May 22nd, 2015 from iPhone

Warm weather? Snow? Swimming pool? Sleeping late? Naps? Not making your bed? Not cooking? Not doing laundry? Visiting a tourist attraction?

If you do those things where you live do you feel like you’re on vacation? Or, does it have to be away from home?

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Going to the movies and then going out for a quick snack with some friends, sipping on a Pina Colada.

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Smells, something new, or infrequent. Certain scents can set me up for a short fantasy vacation.

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Reminds me: Coppertone and chlorine.

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Only if there is a mint on my pillow when I get back to my room.

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Waking up without the alarm clock blaring…

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Staying at a hotel. Going to the beach. Eating outside, either at a restaurant or on someone’s deck when the weather’s warm.

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Driving long distances and seeing cool things out the car window.

Hotel rooms.

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Being offline.
Being present.

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Vacation? What’s that? Oh, wait…I’ve heard of it. We don’t do that around here unfortunately.

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Not worrying about the never ending to-do list.

Being in the moment.

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I’m right there with @Dutchess_III & @jca.

I love a good road trip, and staying in a hotel room is a vacation even if you are in town on business.
Eating outside seems a little bit of decadence to me.

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To sleep without setting an alarm clock is one of the greatest joys I know.

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