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Based on the information in the details, where do you recommend I go during my visit to Oregon?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25310points) May 25th, 2015 from iPhone

In September I will be going to Oregon for a couple of days. I have never been to Oregon before so not sure what areas to head for based on my essentials for a great road trip.

My essentials are fairly simple great scenery (mountains or large lakes in particular), I’m a country girl first and foremost, and interesting history. I’m not a city girl at all but I do love driving through towns.

I can literally go anywhere in Oregon so would appreciate as many suggestions as possible.

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johnpowell and jerv are probably the ones to ask.

I’ll be in Oregon for the first time this summer too and my friend wants to go to the coast so we are heading to the CAnnon Beach and Manzanita area. Looks like lots of trees and parks around and large rock formations in the water.

Portland is supposed to be a great small city.

(I’ll know more after July. :-))

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I live in Ashland and we have amazing theater at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival that is still going on in September.
The drive from anywhere on I-5 to the coast will give you the amazing views of the North American Rain Forest.
Florence Oregon has a beautiful beach. Camping at Honeyman State Park is great with access to the dunes and close to the beach.
Come down my way for some adventure rafting the Rogue River.
Eugene has one of the oldest Saturday Markets where you will discover that hippies didn’t fall out of fashion in the sixties, they just moved to Eugene.
You could spend your entire time touring the coast. From the old WWII military fortresses in the northern part to Cresent City in Northern California. The beautiful views and stunning Art Deco bridges will take your breath away.
You can hike the Pacific Crest Trail or any number of other hikes theoughout the state.
You can drive along the Columbia River Gorge and find fantastic waterfalls and hiking trails right off of the road.
The possibilities are endless.
Bring a camera and a raincoat. Plan before you get here and welcome to the state where we don’t tan, we rust.

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I love the Oregon coast. The drive from Portland to Cannon Beach is wonderful through thickly forested lands. The drive down th coast to Tillamook County. Stop in Oceanside for a view of the Three Arch Rocks (or Oceanside is a great place to stay). Tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Go out to Cape Meares and see the lighthouse.

It’s one of my favorite places on Earth.

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@marinelife Cool. I should talk to you before we go.

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Oregon is beautiful. You must see the ocean.
When my ex and I visited my Mom in Seattle, she booked us on a salmon fishing trip in Oregon somewhere. For flat landers, used to only catfish and some bass, it was a trip!

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@janbb I’m not so sure about Oregon; I generally stick around the Seattle/Everett area, and haven’t ventured south of SeaTac aside from a daytrip to Mt. Rainier. I will say that Portland is a rather weird place. Take the sort of things that we Seattlites save for special occasions and make that the norm. Forget about pumping your own gas, and woe to those that show up at the store without a reusable shopping bag.

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Rogue River Jet boat trip..

Sea Lion Caves

Multnomah Falls


We have some spectacular lava fields too

You don’t want to miss Crater Lake.

Oregon Vertex is some weird stuff. But a fun way to kill a few hours.

Edit: Forgot to mention that Septembers here are totally awesome. Perfect camping weather. There are tons of campgrounds along the coast. Some of them even have Wifi.

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Thank you for the suggestions so far, they’re all making me very excited.

@marinelife Lighthouses are one of my all time favourite things in the world so that is a must!

Would anyone recommend a visit to Salem?

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I agree with @johnpowell except for Sea Lion Caves. I think it’s a total rip off.
None of us mentioned the Oregon Caves which are pretty spectacular unless your expecting the Carlsbad Caverns. Not that big but amazing in their own rite and the drive to get there is awe inspiring as well.

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@OpryLeigh Certainly not over Portland, which is a perfect pocket metropolis. It has one of the greatest independent bookstores left in the US, Powell’s, lots of great restaurants and bars. It’s on the Willamette River. Check out this article.

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