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When 2 out of 3 comments on your fluther wall are from your mother, what does this mean?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 17th, 2008
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Maybe you don’t call your mother enough.

Have you been bad?

Is she notifying you that she is done with your laundry?

What kind of daughter are you judy? :)

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maybe it means mom has a little too much time on her hands and needs a new hobby :)

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It means that 1 third of your comments are from other people besides your mom.

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The mom that fluthers with ya, loves ya!

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It all depends on the content of the comments.

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It means that your mother is too internet savvy. Time to “introduce” her machine to some bugs.

“Oh man, your ethernet isn’t working? Oh, that’s too bad. No, I’m really busy today.”

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My mom is also aware of this site. I don’t know if she has an account. She would know who I was. She hasn’t given me a, “I can’t believe you said that” followed by a slap yet.

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It means she loves you. Also, she is chatty. I have comments from your mother too!

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This made me laugh rather a lot!

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Yes son, I do have an account.

Oh crap, my secret.

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@marina – LOL ^ 244

-i am terrified by how much jargon i just -

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* just used. and i clearly habe no concept of how to do that whisper thing. one day.

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*habe = have. ugh.

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@judy: You got it right in German…

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@jp To this day, I cannot make the whisper work. Here is my trick. I copy the character on the instructions and paste it at the beginning and end. That way it works.

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We have a Mother and daughter team here on Fluther? Wow, the family grows larger all the time, ha ha!! I think that’s sweet.

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You have no friends? .......................

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@scamp: we also have gimmedat and cecildooderbop.

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So Fluther really has become a family affair then!

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I think it’s cute!

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I just follow topics that interest me and people that interest me. Judyprays interests me, ergo…

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Ha ha! I was hinting at the fact that my daughter is here, but the secret came out in my “Guess my grandson’s birthdate” thread. My comments are mainly from her because that’s how we talk to each other while I am at work.

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my mother (nina) has twice the lurve i do (yes I’m judyprays’ brother). what does THAT say about me

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She’s been on Fluther longer?

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Welcome drhat77! nice to have the family here!!

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@judyprays&drhat77 Family hug?

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What does it mean when one of your comments on your fluther wall is from a JP imposternator? It’s kind of like the cyberfluther experience of Being John Malkovich, isn’t it?

I found the portal!

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