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360 Games for my birthday.

Asked by Nathanael (289points) July 17th, 2008

Well My birthday is coming up the first of August, and im not sure which 360 games i should get.
I hate rts’s. and im in to war games, i have live.
Im also sort of into games like Oblivion. Not as much though.

What are some good games i can get, that are out Now?

(And If youre willing to wish me a happy birthday, that would me much appriciated.)


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Happy birthday, you could reserve GOW2, I haven’t been keeping up so I don’t know when it would be out.

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Rock Band! The game is so fun and addictive. I got RB for XMAS on my PS3 and Love it.

BTW Happy B-Day!

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360? That’s a lot of games at $50/each. Your family must be rich.

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Happy bday dude! If you’re into war games you can’t go wrong with Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and Battlefield Bad Company.

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You already asked me at the pool :P

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Happy birthday at the first of August! =) You gotta get COD4 if your into war games. It’s a fav of mine. Gears 2 is gonna kick some serious ass to, but I think it’s out around Nov, but I highly doubt it will make it. I’m thinking no later than the beginning of next year.

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