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Is Fluther . . . Running S L O W ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (26820points) May 30th, 2015

Turning page is taking a long time.

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Yes, for me.

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Same here. Nowt new, mind. Seems to be a regular thing for Fluther to crap out now and then. Will most likely be fixed soon enough.

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No, not for me. Ooops. Yes.

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I opened Meta to see if it was just me.
My internet is slow and intermittent due to rain, so this is torture.
My page was loading so slow I opened Meta in a new window, and that worked lickity-split, FYI.

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Extremely! Cleared my history, the usual, but, not my PC clearly. lol
Oh well..I’m off to the movies, check in later, or check out. haha

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See ms f i ne t o


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I sacrificed a goat to Ben Almighty and lo, all is well.

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@thorninmud Doesn’t seem like a very kosher practice for a Buddhist but I guess you have your priorities.

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@janbb Well yeah, but last time I tried a nice kale rissoto with pine nuts and that got me covered on boils, so…

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Buddhism, the toughest job you’ll ever love.

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@thorninmud At least it wasn’t frogs or locusts.

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It’s fixed! I was effin right, G’s!

Ben sure lurves him sum goats.

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It seems to get real slow on the weekends here in B.C Canada, rest of the time it seems to be ok.

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Not slow so much as I can’t send messages and when I try to edit a post I get ‘Forbidden’.

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