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What is your favorite summertime produce and what do you like to make with it?

Asked by Kardamom (31415points) May 31st, 2015

I saw some lovely heirloom tomatoes, and some nectarines, and some plums today. I love all the variety of summer produce.

What dishes and recipes do you like to eat and make with summer produce?

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I was at my sisters today babysitting. She has some serious blackberries and strawberries going on in her backyard. YUMTASTIC.. Abbey made some little shortcake rounds and we tossed on berries and Cool-Whip. Then we ate a take and bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s. I rock at babysitting.

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@johnpowell Yum! I saw some berries today too. They looked wonderful. I like to make Berry Crisps

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Tomatoes. And I just love to eat them with salt and pepper or put them in a salad. I love em fresh and raw :)

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Summertime is mostly the in between time for produce around here. But I love watermelons available in the stores. I like watermelon best chilled from the ice chest or refrigerator on a warm sunny day after working out or a canoe race.

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I’ve fixed yellow squash twice this week. Once sauteed in butter with Greek seasoning and lemon, once steamed and shaken with butter, garlic, Parmesan cheese and sea salt.

Last week I had some great corn on the cob.

Asparagus – garlic butter and lemon – is passed here.

I like my summer produce simple. Let the natural flavors take the stage.

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I really love it all, but I have to say it is the vine-ripened tomatoes. We have been making California BLTs and just eating sliced tomatoes with dinner. Soon, I will make my favorite tomato, basil, feta cheese salad and caprese salad with red and yellow tomatoes. Yum!

The other favorite of mine is peaches!

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Berries. I like berries and cream or strawberry shortcakes

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Hilarious ‘recipe’, @marinelife! I love the lengths they go to making a “recipe” out of adding avocado to a BLT. Specifying baking the bacon, toasting the bread on a sheet pan in the oven and putting the toast on a cutting board to be spread with mayo. And don’t forget to put the final 2 pieces of toast, mayonnaise side down! OH, no! Should I put both pieces on one, or one on each?! And is the cut diagonal, or across the middle? Shit. I thought this was easy!

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My s/o hates veggies but I used to make summer squash casserole. I’d first boil the squash, sliced, with onions. Then in fifteen minutes I’d drain it and gently mix in a beaten egg, salt and pepper, some sage and a cup of shredded cheddar then bake for twenty minutes or so.

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Corn on the cob, grilled with onion and butter. Yum.

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Maine blueberries and corn on the cob. Nothing like in-season produce.

After working at a local farm for five years, I decided that we should go back to having only in-season produce. If it’s not freshly picked within 100 miles of where you live, you don’t want it. It’s not the same.

I know it’s unrealistic because consumers want tomatoes, berries, stone fruit, squash, etc. when they damn well want them — but really, if you want strawberries (and you’re in the NorthEast like I am), wait until June. It’s worth it.

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Watermelon! I like all summer fruits and produce but love watermelon. Have a new one sitting on the counter waiting to be cut later today. Hope it;s a good one!

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I feel a Fluther potluck coming on!

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I’ll bring watermelon, deviled eggs, a nice marinated salad and the mangoritas! lol

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JUst cut my watermelon, it’s a winner! Chilling now, mmm.

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Still had yellow squash, so tonight I ran one over the slicer then mixed it with shredded colby cheese, salt-free seasoning blend, some roasted garlic powder and a bit of salt.
Medium-high heat.
Non-stick skillet and spray.
Put the mix in the pan ½ – ¾” deep with a little dot of butter.
When the cheese was melted and nicely browned on one side, I flipped it with a spatula and browned the other.

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The Dollar Tree had a wide variety of broths today. Veggie, seafood, cream-base plus a variety of meat-based. All for $1! lol

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@ibstubro I love Dollar Tree, you never know what kind of interesting things you will find and they are the best kept secret for spices of all kinds that are $5/$6 or more, in the regular grocery stores.

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I bought butter there – YES, real cream butter! – last week for $1 a pound, @Coloma.
Hustle over there and check out the cardboard containers of shelf stable broths, ASAP.

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I’m going to try this ‘recipe’ with potatoes. See if I can come up with a nearly instant cheesy fried potatoes.

By the way, the dot of butter was extraneous. The non-stick spray and oil released by the frying cheese was more than enough grease. Sort of a self cooking setup – the veggie released enough moisture to steam itself and the cheese released enough oil to fry itself.

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Vidalias! Sauté or grill them. Add some lime and put them on steak or pork. I also like onion in omelettes.

Tomatoes for pico de gallo. I add a lot of salt and lime (more lime than you are supposed to) and eat with fish, chicken, or pork. Actually, the Vidalias go into the pico too.

Nectarines. Simple and whole.

Melons. Again, simple, I don’t add anything.

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@ibstubro They never have veggie broth at our Dollar Tree. I always look to make sure, so far they’ve only had beef and chicken broth. I have bought butter there and put it in my freezer. That’s a really good price.

Also, I made a nifty “lasagna” with cauliflower instead of noodles last night, and in addition to mushrooms and fake sausage, I threw in some crookneck squash, just like my avatar. It was fabulous (said in the voice of Liberace).

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Yesterday there was veggie broth. “Crock Pot” brand which I never heard of, so suppose it’s an introduction or close-out.
There were several kinds of broth that appeared within this past week. You might want to check it out, @Kardamom. I’m guessing that with soup season just past, the excess inventory is being dumped.

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