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Do you believe the NSA that data collection has actually, truly stopped?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28839points) June 1st, 2015

The Patriot Act bulk data collection law expired at midnight last night. Supposedly (said the NSA) they started to ‘pull the plug’ yesterday afternoon so as not to be collecting data at midnight.

Do you believe them? Do you think that they actually ceased gathering and storing metadata on our calls?

I don’t.

My guess is that the switched from server A to server B, but the data collection continues in a more secretive way.

Why should we believe them?

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Nope. Not until they run out of money and have to turn thing off.

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I don’t know, but I am finding the whole thing kind of amusing. I am, for once, in favor of Rand Paul’s stand. Poor McConnell is getting flack from the guy he is supporting for president. Unfortunately, they will no doubt settle on the so called compromise, which just has the records being stored by the phone companies instead of the government. Not much difference that I can see.

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Yeah, right. where is that bridge you wanted me to look at?

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No. Despite any claims or proof to the contrary proffered by those involved, this is one area where conspiracy theories are not only justified but required.

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I do wish they’d fund the program by going after telemarketers and collecting fines per current regulations.
Hey NSA!!! Please listen to my phone and get the SOB who calls me around 5:30 every day! Please!!! I, and hundreds of others, have already reported it on and submitted complaints to the FTC but it makes no difference.
Please help. NSA, you have the proof! Use your data for good.
This might also help change your image.

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I like that @LuckyGuy! What a great idea.

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Maybe we can facilitate things by speaking to telemarketers about stealing secrets and blowing things up.

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@LostInParadise Agreed. And because apparently certain words you say flag your number as potentially terroristic, have your list ready and trot them out (as in a spelling list) in your conversation with the telemarketer! Ha!

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No, I believe it will be, or already is, in effect with the TPP, but now on a global scale.

“JULIAN ASSANGE, WIKILEAKS: First of all, it is the largest ever international economic treaty that has ever been negotiated, very considerably larger than NAFTA. It is mostly not about trade, only 5 of the 29 Chapters are about traditional trade.

The others are about regulating the internet, and what information internet service providers have to collect, they have to hand it over to companies under certain circumstances, the regulation of labor conditions, regulating the way you can favor local industry, regulating the hospital, health care system, privatization of hospitals, so essentially every aspect of a modern economy, even banking services are in the TPP.”

Some laugh, and dismiss the idea of the New World Order as a conspiracy theory, but anyone even remotely looking at the big picture, and looking at how few people actually are actually controlling the economic and political landscape, will see that a corporate-run, one world government is happening right before our eyes.

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Uh NO!!! Not at all.

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Do you believe that an organisation, whose very purpose is lies and deception, will tell the truth about anything, especially such a matter?

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Yes. If the NSA says it has then of course it has. A government agency would never lie to us.

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In response to @ragingloli‘s question: no.

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I think we need a new government agency, to investigate other government agencies. (half joking)

I just hope that they’re probably-not-really-doing it will lead to an eventual reform.

We probably need to first get rid of Citizen’s United, then throw out most/all of the corrupt corporate pawns in government, make it a serious crime to buy government in the first place, re-charter the giant corporations to be for-good not just for-profit… and hope we haven’t completely destroyed the planet before we manage to do that.

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The data collection is a fact of electronic life.
Storage, negotiable.
The NSA’s access to that information is in dispute.

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How convenient this should happen in the midst of this discussion:

TSA Chief Out After Agents Fail 95 Percent of Airport Breach Tests

Oh yeah! That inspires confidence! What a bunch of clowns! But the sad thing is it’s real.

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An excerpt from the above link: In a 2013 hearing on Capitol Hill, then-TSA administrator John Pistole, described the Red Team as “super terrorists,” who know precisely which weaknesses to exploit.

“[Testers] know exactly what our protocols are. They can create and devise and conceal items that … not even the best terrorists would be able to do,” Pistole told lawmakers at a House hearing.

More recently, the DHS inspector general’s office concluded a series of undercover tests targeting checked baggage screening at airports across the country.
That review found “vulnerabilities” throughout the system, attributing them to human error and technological failures, according to a three-paragraph summary of the review released in September.

In addition, the review determined that despite spending $540 million for checked baggage screening equipment and another $11 million for training since a previous review in 2009, the TSA failed to make any noticeable improvements in that time.

So they’ve had 6 years to make improvements and still they fail.

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