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Have you ever been on the toilet, things go badly, and give up and just step into the shower?

Asked by busse (71points) July 17th, 2008

Seriously. Things can wrong down there.

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Haha. I haven’t but I can understand where you are coming from.

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Um no. But you’re really being honest and open about things though aren’t you. I like it.
Does this happen a lot?

Tell us the story, I’m dying to know.

What I will say though, I was at a hotel the other day, and the toilet roll dispenser thingy was design to only give one square out at a time. Wouldn’t want to have an emergency in there I tell yeah.

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Things that make you go eeewwwwww.

Response moderated
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Seesul, no. This is a good question.
Yea dude. That happened to me a few times.

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great question. yes.

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Now there’s a question I can get behind.

The scene: college, 1987.

Last night’s potato skins from Claim Jumper are coming back out of both ends with a 15-second warning. Racing to the downstairs bathroom, I choose to sit on the toilet and vomit into the bathtub. Copiously.

….then I find out that bathtub doesn’t have the water working and it doesn’t drain.

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Ah bless those college days.
Good times had by all. Not so much you that day but bless em all the same.

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Well, this was…. interesting.

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So I am not the only person that has had both ends simultaneously scream, “Get the fuck out of my body right now!”

For some reason I find that comforting.

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Oh my god that happened to me like a few months ago!

Just the once though. Never the pooping/vomiting deal. Maybe I’m just not living fully enough…

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Interesting. Two questions. Two moderator removals, both revoked. And some legitimate conversation as a result. Now THIS is the kind of communities and dialogue I can connect with.

Sometimes, life is shitty, but it always rinses off.

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No. But I can’t say that there were not times when the thought came to mind.

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I like how we went from Jesus to diarrhea in five minutes. Welcome to Fluther!

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Seesul has wisely suggested elsewhere (this question has come up before – under the sober rubric “food poisoning) that you keep a plastic waste basket next to toilet. That way, you can suffer without relocating. And I find that a thick bathroom rug is nice to rest on while waiting for the second wave.

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Ew….No…But I have clogged the toilet a few times :S.

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