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Why do men stand up to go to the toilet, when so many have trouble with peeing within the toilet itself?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) April 23rd, 2009

Even exempting the mishap of missing, sitting down at your own toilet just seems easier overall.
I know men who will insist to pee standing up in the pitch dark, please guys like that just sit.

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Not sure about this…but I was with my five year old great nephew at Disneyland. I took him with me into the Women’s room. He puts his hands behind his head and just kind of went everywhere!!! Since I know his mother didn’t teach him, I’m guessing Dad just lets the thing loose! So, I’ll be interested in your answers. :-)

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I wish my husband would just sit, but he doesn’t. I don’t know his reasoning for this.
I dated one man that always sat to pee, but peed at a urinal in public. I dunno.

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I always sit down, unless I am in a public restroom.

In my opinion, the standard toilet is not really made to make it easy for a man to sit and pee. The urethra of a man is a folded hose, and sitting down when you go sometimes causes some friction.

Also, I would like to see toilets built different. I don’t know how it is for women, but the angle of the ceramic wall of the inside of the toilet makes it easy that it splashes up on your legs if you are not careful.

It is more comfortable to stand, but no matter how careful you are, if you stand up, you spray. So I agree with that sitting down is preferable.

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← marksman

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I’ve never seen my husband sit down to pee in his life. He’s pretty accurate, but he also takes a wet wipe to the rim of the toilet, too. That was all HIS idea, & it’s a nice alternative to what it COULD be!

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I personally don’t have any trouble with it. But at least one of my three room mates, apparently has no fucking clue.

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Because it’s not always practical to go outside.

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It’s amazing to me that after I had my mental snap about wiping up pee, and how I would no longer be cleaning it up for the two males in my house, how accurate they became…that includes the 6yr old. Yuck.

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lol I’ve never had an issue with it, got aim like a sniper.

I kid… I don’t don’t sit because it’s more effort to pull down my pants and redo my buttons and belt…

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and I’m a dude… I’d feel funny sitting down to piss…

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You would think past a certain age, they would have gotten the hang of it. But the state of public restrooms would say otherwise. Someone should bust out the Cheerios.

Maybe they don’t want to do the sit and tuck because they realize how poorly most of them aim. (Oneword being the exception, that is.)

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@preggers – ‘gotten the hang of it’. LOL!

I used the Cheerios for tinkle targets when I was training my son. He was disgusted that I would waste food that way.

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@autumn43 Haha…I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone would comment on that. If he had to clean the toilet, he’d think a handful of Cheerios is a bargain!

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I pee outside. Much easier and I get the benefit of some extra sunshine vitamin D.

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@Lupin – better watch out for squirrels looking for some nuts! :D

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Even the best sniper isn’t a great shot when his rifle’s malfunctioned. ‘Tis a problem men run into sometimes….but for the most part, the equipment is fairly reliable.

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It doesn’t matter how he pees, just as long as he raises the damn seat.

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It’s quicker and more efficient. As quick as it is some guys can’t take the time to aim. I have no idea what their problem is. I’m assuming it’s the same guys that leave the restroom without washing their hands.

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BTW – fun fact it seems to me more than half of men don’t wash their hands when leaving the restroom.

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