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How many side effects would be acceptable to you to have a medication or treatment work for a condition you have?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) June 3rd, 2015

You have a condition of some sort, the best that could be done is to manage it but not truly cure it. Big pharm comes out with a medication or some treatment comes out that has the promise of an actual cure; which means you will not be afflicted with the issue again. However, there are side effects that will most likely to happen, such as loss of appetite, hair loss, warts, dry cough, blurry vision, headaches, numbing of the fingers, ringing in the ears, sensitivity to clothing dyes, etc. How many side effects would you accept to be free if a medical condition?

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I would put up with a lot to stop
Unwanted visions/Astral traveling and to have some control over when I have them. But I will not like metallic taste in my mouth so there is a limit.

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^ even if you got cured of something, which means you could stop taking the medication, which should mean if there was a metallic taste, it would or should eventually go away, to put up with it for a spell would not be worth it?

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Not how many side effects, but intensity of same would be a determining factor.

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Like @canidmajor, it’s not a matter of how many or what they are, but more of whether the net benefit is greater than the net detriment. I’m willing to put up with quite a bit if it stops the excruciating pain of a migraine; I’m more functional when I’m disoriented and feeling half-drunk than I am curled up in a ball unable to do anything but whimper, or having an anxiety attack so bad that I’m barely even registering sensory input at all.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I would put up with a limited metallic taste to be cured.

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It depends on my illness and it depends on the side effects and how much they affect my life.

If I had cancer and the side effects prolonged my life, I’d put up with a lot. I guess if I got debilitated and miserable, my attitude would change and my tolerance of the side effects would change, too.

It’s hard to say what I would and wouldn’t tolerate, as it all depends.

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I would be willing to go through a lot, especially if the side effects are temporary, but I would be pretty flipping fearful they wouldn’t be. What you describe sounds like some cancer treatments.

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It would depend what the original condition was and how it affected my life. If that original condition made my life miserable in some way and the side effects from this medication was warts or baldness or something like that, I might be fine with that. However, if it made me dizzy or was something that was hard to cope with in another way, it might not be worth taking. It’s really impossible to answer this. Plus, what is tolerable to one person, is not tolerable to another.

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Anything that fucks with my vision or makes me bleed out of my ass is a deal breaker.

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^ Even if it saves you from a chronic or terminal illness?

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In such extremes yeah, I would take it, but only if it actually did help. Of course, terminal illness or chronic pain might change my hesitation if I was suffering from it.

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