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What's the word for a round object rotating in some or all directions?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 3rd, 2015

A comedian said:
“Why do they call Australia “down under” don’t they know that the earth rotates, and so sometimes it would be “up over”?
Rotating is used for what the earth does, so what is the verb for turning in all directions?
Anything that turns in all directions, whether it is a round object or not I guess it doesn’t matter.

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Anti gravity or centafugal force.

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We call it 3 axis rotation. Toe measure acoustic patters we occasionally insert the device under test inside a gonio-ball. The gonio-ball fits inside a socket that permits it to rotate around any axis.

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I’m not sure what word you’re looking for but Australia is never up over. There’s a convention that North is up and south is down. Since the earth revolves around a north-south axis Australia would always be south (down), under the equator.

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What Jaxk said.
Australia is always down and under as long as the Western (‘up, over’ to S. America, Australia, and Africa) nations prevail.

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How about “gimbal”?

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I just want to clarify, I’m looking for a verb. If I’m shown 3 round things, one turning in one direction the way the Earth does, (which the comedian got wrong, he thought it turns in northward/southward also,or only, which prompted my OP) a second one in some directions, a third one turning in every possible direction, what are the verbs I need for each one to make the distinction?

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