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Married jellies, which one of you has changed more over the years? You or your spouse?

Asked by fluthernutter (6323points) June 6th, 2015 from iPhone

(Married jellies…or jellies in long term relationships.)

Ideally, both should change together. But even so, I always feel as if one changes more than the other. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

Would you agree or disagree?

If you agree, has this change helped your relationship? Or has this change created problems?

If you don’t agree, why not? Have neither of you changed? Or have both of you changed the exact amount?
(I’m a bit incredulous about either, but I’m curious to hear what you’d have to say.)

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Personality I think we are both somewhat the same, my job being very fatiguing but not very physical has caused me to gain over a 100lbs in the last 25years but other than that I think that is the worse change.
I see my weight scares mrs squeaky and I can see that it scares me as well but loosing it aint easy.

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It’s pretty equal actually. We’ve both endevoured to be better people with the other pushing and encouraging. We both went back to graduate school as adults. Both had childhood demons to exorcise. Both gained and lost some weight. Both have had our ups and downs professionally. Both struggle with some serious health issues. Both have (hopefully) matured and evolved our world view and opinions.

We’re pretty evenly match in terms of having changed over the years.

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Objectively, I have probably changed more. I know for a fact that I’m far less prone to adventures. I’ve become more jaded and critical. I think the word that pretty much sums it up is “codger”. I would like to think of myself as sinister, but villainy requires a great deal more energy than I care to exert nowadays.

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In my case, definitely me; I had a sex-change and you don’t get much more changed than that!

The funny thing is, we’ve turned into one of those gay couples where both guys look like each other.

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I sure gained more weight than she has !

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We have both changed over the years but I would say that she has changed the most, becoming more jaded and callus whereas I have become more mellow (and jaded).

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I don’t know. I asked my husband and he feels he’s changed the most. We both have busy jobs so he’s had to become more domesticated than he had needed to be in the past. That’s certainly true. I think I’m happier and more content than I perhaps was when we got together. We’ve both undoubtedly changed, but I think we’ve changed together so it doesn’t feel as though we’re very different from before. We both have very similar values and attitudes. He also feels he’s more accepting and tolerant than he was when we got together.

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