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If you owned a restaurant and money was no object, what would you specialize in?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) June 10th, 2015

I’d want fresh seafood.

Barring that, I think I could do a lot with cheese.

Mushrooms, anybody?

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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Not specific enough?? (Besides the small additions like coffee and milk, etc.) Eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, steak, ham, pancakes, hamburgers (with or without CHEESE), fries, milkshakes, GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES, MAC AND CHEESE, CHEESE SANDWICHES, pork and beef roasts, mashed potatoes, fried chicken…You know, the basic GOOD STUFF! But nothing too fancy as to confuse the customers.

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Asian food, and unique food made-by-my-restaurant.

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From bread to dessert to beverages, serving only foods produced solely by my restaurant’s farm.

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Asian noodles, but not pho, which I find tasteless.

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Beef ribs by the bucket.

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I’d specialize in chocolate truffles.
I love making them. Every part of the process is sensual.

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It wouldn’t be a restaurant, but a business like what is becoming popular in Greece. Essentially, people who like to cook post on a website what they are making that day, how many servings will be available, and the cost. People who don’t want to cook or don’t have time can search the site and put in an order.

The meals and the cooks can be rated. Most of the ingredients are probably locally sourced. There are plenty of other benefits, including cost. It becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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The Lobster place:

Fresh lobster boiled, grilled, stuffed, in ravioli, on a roll, in an omelet, you name it.

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It’s one of the most versatile foods there is—you can even make an ice cream substitute out of it!—and there are a lot of really great rice dishes. So the restaurant could offer a wide variety of options while still being organized around a single theme.

And now I have this scene stuck in my head.

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Vegetarian right through!

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Pasta. Pasta and Cheese are my favourite foods and I would love to do a restaurant that did nothing but pasta.

Even though i need to give up pasta for my diet >.< :P

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@Fathdris There is a restaurant in Oakland CA called Homeroom that only serves variations on macaroni and cheese!

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Sandwiches, both of which I make some killer varieties of, actually maybe just sandwiches.
I make the most amazing chicken cheese ” steak” sandwich in the world. Baked chicken breast cooked to perfection slathered with grilled/sauteed onions, orange and red and yellow bell peppers served with melted Provelone on a sweet french roll with my killer oven baked fries. I also do a grilled ham, cheese and avocado to die for and an amazing steak sandwich as well. Hey, really good food spares no fat and calories, I’m pretty sure my sandwiches would get me in good graces with the “Chopped” judges. lol

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Edit, meant to say “soups & sandwiches”

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Global fusion. I’d find a world-class chef that could marry flavors from across the globe to produce truly unique food.

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Rather than focusing on a single national or regional cuisine, my restaurant would feature traditional dishes from multiple nations, but with a twist. Local sourcing would provide as much of the food for the restaurant as possible, and, yes, the restaurant would have its own vegetable garden located somewhere off site. Likewise, everything served by the restaurant, including soups, sauces, salad dressings, etc would be made from scratch in house daily.

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Pub grub… chicken wings.

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