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Does it seem like summer vacation is over and school has started again with Jellies who seemed absent (at least to me) returning from hiatus?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) June 15th, 2015

To me, it seems I am noticing Flutheronians who have not been active for a moment, it could be just me, and they have been on another threat than where I have. Have there been Jellies other than the ’A’ Lady that you notice seemed to be away but has come back or rejuvenated?

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I came for the larvae.

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I admire your honest answer….....too often missed here.

Make it so Number One, engage.

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I remain to give larvae. Free hugs, you guys! :D

“jumps on everyone’s face, goes down mouth all the way to innards, snugles there a while then busts out of chest”

YO G, xenomorphin’ foe EVAH!

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I haven’t been here in months and months. Something I saw today on Facebook prompted me to drop in on a question, and I got sucked right back in! Must disengage soon. :(

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I noticed some, but I don’t know any of them.

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Not really, no.

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No, it really doesn’t.

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It does seem like a bunch of oldtimers are back all of a sudden.

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I am always right behind you. You might have heard my hooves.

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I thought you had mandibles ~~~

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@augustlan why the hurry to leave the pond? Thought you liked us.

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@ZEPHYRA, Fluther is a bit like Hotel California. You can check-out but you can never leave. Perhaps she wants to keep the visit brief so she doesn’t get caught up and not want to leave.

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^^ Or the roach motel?

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Yes! All of a sudden a lot of jellies I have not seen in a very long time are popping up. Makes me happy.

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