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Where can I buy a print of this sci-fi book cover art?

Asked by Esedess (3439points) June 17th, 2015

Artist: Bob Eggleton
Title: The Raft
This is the piece:

It was auctioned off for $2600~ back in 2010. I just want a print but can’t find anywhere that sells it. Help please…

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Maybe if you leave a comment on his blog asking about this he or some fan could help you. Good luck!

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@canidmajor I sent him an email a few weeks ago… No response.. Although it seems in bad taste to bring up questions of a 23 year old piece in the comment sections of new work he’s selling today, I did that as well. The comment is pending moderator approval, which I assume it will not receive.

I can’t believe I found something that I can’t buy on the internet… What is this, the stone age!?! lol~

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I’ll keep fingers crossed for the hungry fan, then… ;-)

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Either work back from here or have a print shop make you one poster.
Legal or not, no one will ever know, and it would hardly be worth the cost of pursuing you if found out. I imagine the artist would be flattered, and the most that could happen is you would be asked to destroy your poster.

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@ibstubro That link isn’t working. What is it?

edit: Nevermind.. Copy link got it:


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It looks like a nice, vibrant, copy on Pinterest, @Esedess.

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