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Is there someone out there somewhere that's praying for you?

Asked by Devilishtreat (621points) June 18th, 2015

Do you pray?

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Yes and yes.

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I received a lot of prayers when my nephew was born prematurely with a 50 50 chance of survival. He’s 100 percent okay so they certainly didn’t hurt. And I will send someone a prayer if they need it. I’ll also say a prayer to the great creator when I bury an animal. I don’t practice any formal religion.

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Probably. Mostly people who don’t like me!

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My grandma does.

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Yes. And while I understand that it’s done with good intentions, it makes me uncomfortable.

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Doesn’t bother me at all.

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Praying for me to what?

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Is that a song from Annie?

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Just thinking of me would be fine.

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Thinking of be would be even better. Too often, “I’ll pray for you,” in my experience, too often has negative over tones. They’re going to pray for my non-believing soul.

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I sure hope not. What a waste of their time.

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Probably. I don’t like it.

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I am sure there is. And I am grateful for their consideration.
I do not.

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I have no idea and no, I do not.

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Yes and yes.

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Doubtful and no.

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Probably not and no.

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I don’t pray, but I do send my well wishes, and actually help to people, if I can. I had to do that today. My friend would have looked at me like I was crazy if I had offered to pray for her. She would rather that I held the barf bucket and drove her to the hospital, which I did.

I’d rather have someone offer to assist me if I was ill, or make me a lasagna if I needed it, rather than have them pray for me.

I doubt that anyone is praying for me. I only have one relative who is into prayer, and she’s usually asking us to pray for her. I send her my well wishes.

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If someone is praying for me, they don’t know me very well. (Unless it’s my mother!) A waste of time. I do not pray. I curse like the dickens, though…

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No thanks, all we need is to think if one another and help out where can, no need to pray for anyone. Just actually help if you can or say an encouraging word. The rest is just not necessary.

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Yes, I’m quite sure. I’m an atheist, and all of my family on my dad’s side probably pray for me to “find Jesus”.

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