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My friend, who is a druggie and looks kind of scary at first sight, but is actuallly very nice, sometimes has anger issues and a short temper, will he be fine in the future? Or do you think he will be very violent to be around and abusive?

Asked by curiousmonkey (59points) July 18th, 2008

The title pretty much describes it all. TO sum it up, He’s very nice, but has a very somewhat short temper, and when that happens, he is very scary to be around. Will this lead to abusiveness in the future if he continues to not solve his anger issues?

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Well.. you can never know for sure… as long as he isn’t physically abusive, because everyone can have anger issues. He could work it out, tell him about how scary he is during when he lashes out, and maybe he could change.

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i wouldn’t stay friends with a druggie in the first place, unless they cleaned up their act…fast!

i mean, i don’t suspect him to act reasonable when under the influence, so get him off or get out…

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It’s been my experience that people who truly scare you at any time, scare you for a reason. Trust your instincts, it already sounds from your question like you know your answer.

If it were me, I’d tell my friend, I’ll support them (emotionally) if they want to get their life together, but any anger issues that lead me to be fearful cannot and will not be tolerated.

It’s an ultimatum and once you say it you MUST stick with it. Please don’t put yourself in harm’s way!

Be safe!

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Geez that’s a long question.

Short answer: get out.

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what is his drug of choice?

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Okay. I’ve been on drugs before. Dealt with“druggies” before. What do you mean?
are you on drugs?
It depends on the individual and how bad their habbit is. Seek counseling or therapy. Help is free. However, you cannot recieve help if you don’t want it. If your are this persons friend- then I would say distance yourself for a while and take yourself away from your normal situation to observe things and try to get an“out of the box ” point of view.
Its hard to get off drugs. It takes disipline. Sometimes people just don’t have strength to choose. I was lucky…. Again though, some people believe that a man makes his own luck. Is life about fate? Destiny? Choices? Drugs can be a comparison to the good, or lead us to death.
without the bad there is no comparison to the good things.
dont judge a book by its cover. If the anger issues are a direct result of the drug use, then there’s nothing you can do to help. Other than influence him otherwise…
if the anger is not a result of drug use, then what dies that have to do with your question?
to solve an anger issue, you need to know first where the anger is stemed from.
Find out what the “trigger” for his anger is.
seek proffessional help.
(sorry about all the crappy spelling)
hope I helped. Good luck
also, don’t be afraid. You will be okay as long as you are cautious and play it safe.
trust your gut!!! ;)

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I think your tags tell you all you need to know: “abuse” and “violence”.......are these really qualities you want around you?
I’m still not convince people can fundamentally change, although it may be possible to condition ones behavior if highly motivated to do so – doesn’t sound like your friend is.

You can’t make them change their behavior, but you can change your relationship to it.

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@cheebdragon his drug of choice is weed

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@gusswho no im not on drugs and thank you for the advise ill ask him to find help and his anger could be a result of the drug use

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His drug of choice is weed? I think the most you have to worry about is him eating all your snacks. If he is violent or abusive I doubt that comes from smoking pot. Sounds like he has some other issues.

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weed doesn’t make people violent….....pcp makes some people violent, alcohol makes some people violent.

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@stocky,and cheebdragon thanks for the advise i will suggest that he gets help, and i guess its not because of the drugs then

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My crystal ball is broken. But the Magic eight ball says when asked,

My friend, who is a druggie and looks kind of scary at first sight, but is actuallly very nice, sometimes has anger issues and a short temper, will he be fine in the future? Or do you think he will be very violent to be around and abusive?
Outlook not so good
Perhaps further research into the Fortune Cookie is in order.

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