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Have you had your DNA tested?

Asked by rojo (24176points) June 29th, 2015

Or would you be interested?

I have some older relatives that I would love to have tested to help determine where we are from and what our relationships are but they are not at all comfortable with the idea while the younger generations are comfortable but not interested.

Thoughts on DNA testing and accuracy

What are your thoughts on it?

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Yes. I had it done thru It was regularly $100 but I got a cyber Monday sale – $70 I think. I liked it and from what I know about my relatives, it was accurate.

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Wouldn’t testing the younger people tell you about the older people?

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I do not have any DNA.

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I did it. Seems both sides of the family were telling wives tales about our Native American decent. I’m more British than most British people.

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No. I might be interested though.

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Yes, and I didn’t like the results. “Genetic counseling is advised” kind of sucks.

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I haven’t done it, but I’d be interested. I guess there is two different types of testing? Where in the world our ancestors are from, and also genetic testing for diseases and other medically related things. Both are interesting to me, although I’m sure my mother would not want me to do either, and would call me crazy if I did.

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No I wouldn’t unless it was necessary for some organ I need or a close relative. It doesn’t matter to me where I came from and I think most of these things are fraud based. There is no way to confirm they are telling the truth and just ripping you off.
My dna says don’t get ripped off. I couldn’t care less what they say. Even if it said I came from Royalty, or some mass murderer, I wouldn’t care. It wouldn’t change my life in the least.
100 bucks for a piece of paper or a new outfit or to pay my cell phone, or go out to dinner? Well, I will tell you it won’t be for the piece of paper.

I’ve even thought of doing it for my dog, but I’ve read so many reviews that they got confirmation for dogs that looked nothing like the breed they had. You have to fill out paper work giving a description of you dog, height and weight. Sounds fishy to me. I think they are all scams.

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Yes. It turned out that I am indeed me.

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Unfortunately, there’s not really any “control” to determine the accuracy of these tests. Much like the Mutt-determination (or a Long Island Psychic reading), you fill out a questionnaire and get confirmation or scandal.

How does it honestly effect you?

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@josie Laughs, turn’s out I was impersonating myself. Who knew?

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Well, it was either me or somebody with the exact same name and traits.

I don’t trust that bitch

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This question prompted me to go back to the ancestry page where someone else had showed up as a relative. I am not paying for the subscription but it said that because the new person or people were connected to someone named “Mary Henry who died in the 1800’s then I probably am too. Mary Henry was the name of the Native American woman that I heard stories about, who smoked a corn cob pipe and was sold as a wife to one of my ancestors. I wonder if the DNA is right??

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I haven’t. I know people who have, and the results can be interesting. I find it a bit intrusive and creepy though.

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I would be interested in it fir medical purposes to see if I’m at particular risk for anything.

But just to find out where my ancestors supposedly were from, nah, I’ll pass on that.

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They give you the raw data but they no longer analyze it for genetic conditions. My daughter found a site where you can upload the data to be interpreted though. Haven’t done that yet.

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For medical reasons, you can see a genetic counselor. I was offered the opportunity to see one when I was pregnant, but I declined.

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Yes, and it possibly saved my life.
“Ancestry” and “haplogroups“don’t tell you too much but the raw data is a wealth of knowledge.

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