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Premise: Mitt Romney is President, and the Supreme court legalises gay marriage. You are his speech writer. Write his reaction speech to the ruling.

Asked by ragingloli (47272points) July 2nd, 2015

Would he condemn the ruling, or would he lie through his teeth with fake praise?

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Romney proved in the past he would say what ever the people pitchforking him money wanted to him to say, it would be the same with this issue as well.
If they liked it he would like it.
If they didn’t like it, then he wouldn’t as well.

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My fellow Americans, it is fitting on this occasion that I address my remarks to this historic this decision from our Supreme Court. While this monumental decision furthers our nation’s promise of a land where we are all created equal with the same inalienable rights, for this our nation’s promise of a land where we are all equal with The same inalienable rights, It is particularly gratifying that this decision in no way negatively affects my bottom line. Thank you and God bless America and nobody else,

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He would come out of the closet and marry Donald Trump. ~

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Sorry, but I have difficulty with cire’s aptitude for dictation. I’d fire the sorry bitch in a New York minute, were it not for the nest of litigators waiting to pounce at the opportunity.

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Are you suggesting that some politicians actually tell the truth?

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If they profit from it.

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I blame Obama.

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Lots of hypotheticals.
I suspect Romney might have said, “I don’t agree, but the court has spoken.”
That’s the way most presidents talk.
No way to know. But really, what else would a President of the US say?
I suspect he would not have proposed an updated version of the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937

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He wouldn’t have a choice—he’d have to publicly support the decision regardless of his personal belief. Lose him a lot of voters.

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“I hope my son will work to repeal this ruling when He he is President.”

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Let’s get ready to G-rumble

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