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If Christian conservatives watch this, I bet they'll use this as further proof that America's future is doomed. What do you think?

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I found it Creepy. Kids shouldn’t be exploited for news. They should be taught homosexuality by their parents or with sex ed., But it looks like they already know.

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They would say: Just another example of how liberal propaganda is indoctrinating our children.

The kid in the hat is quick. When called out for changing his mind, he said, ‘I changed my mind from 2 years ago because I read more books and got more information.’

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Watching that nearly made ME cry. My hat’s off to the parents of those kids, and I cross my fingers that a spark of that idealism can survive til they reach voting age. There was always going to be some sort of resistance to ANY change. The great question for us is why and how is it that so MANY of us can remain so obtuse for so long. If there ever was a place with the potential for the advancement of justice, we have been granted the privilege of living in it. The fact that the struggle is so arduous in a place which blares so insistently that IT is the home of the brave and land of the free is worse than ironic. It’s a straight up tragedy!

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Actually, this is much stronger evidence that America is doomed.

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In fact, that is probably what happened to Atlantis. Too many Marines and the fucker capsized.

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I have ceased caring what conservative christians think. They are pushing themselves into irrelevance.

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@josie Well you found one. So what’s the current tally? I make it around 4–500 to 1. It’s an EXTREMELY hazardous business for a conservative to bring up the topic of dummies in government!

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I would say it is hazardous for any politician to bring up the topic of dummies in government.

You might be right on one account. It is simple to find examples of the dummy majority in government.

It is tough, if possible at all, to find the exception.

I haven’t found it to be easy.

But you, you clearly have.

And so, good for you! It makes you special.

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I look forward to the day when rational conservatives re-gain the dominant voice in the Republican party. The country will be better for it.

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@josie thank you. Speaking of exceptions, let’s discuss the whereabouts of the Excepotional dummies. I have some SPECIAL things to say on that matter as well.

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those kids are just a bunch of “social justice warriors” /s

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