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Would you vote for General David Petraeus for president in 2016?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) July 6th, 2015

Is he a Democrat or a Republican? How would he preform as vice president, or president?

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According to Google he is a Republican.

“Military officials generally join up with the GOP if they enter politics, and Petraeus is indeed registered as a Republican. A 2012 run would be unlikely. Anyone in the military can tell you it would go against core military beliefs for a serving general to campaign against his commander in chief.”

I can’t see myself in any position where I would ever vote for a Republican.

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Let’s see: convicted for mis-handling and sharing classified documents, sentenced to 2 years probation.

Screwed his biographer.

Not a trustworthy leader. Showed extremely bad judgment.

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No, he showed bad judgment cheating on his wife and giving his mistress access to classified documents.

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It depends on who opposes him.

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No, probably not.

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No. Besides the lack of integrity in his personal life, there was some conduct in his professional life that I don’t care for.

I liked what General Wesley Clark had to say during the short time he ran for president in 2004, but he didn’t last long in the primaries.

In the modern era, I’m not convinced that generals and corporate CEOs have the right skill set to effectively conduct a political campaign and run the country.

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