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US 2016 voters: In 5 words, could you tell us what this election says about today's America?

Asked by ucme (50047points) March 12th, 2016

Topics could include but are not limited to…

Divided Nation
American Dream all but a distant memory

Considered, sober, thoughtful & of course, humorous responses welcomed.

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I can do it in two words

Batshit crazy

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Well yeah, the 5 word thing is flexible.

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Watermelon rind pickles

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One word:

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A modern empire defeats itself.

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‘Nero fiddles while Rome burns.’

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Handful of people run country
New World Order
System has been hijacked
Our political system is rigged

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Red Chickens Home To Roost

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@cazzie beat me to it but…

Such as Rome, so are we.

Yes, I know it’s six words.

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But, but…

We aren’t supposed to have a Nero.


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“Well yeah, the 5 word thing is flexible.”


American decline lurches forward as the public realizes it can vote itself a living.

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‘Nero’ is a figure of speech. Nero is all the apathetic, ignorant people or those gleefully standing by. Nero converted to Judeaism, by the way, and in classical writing, it is thought he will come back and be the anti-Christ.

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Opportunity snubbed.

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Hopeful. Feel the Bern!

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The illusion of freedom.

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I know I am not a Yankee, but I want to try too=
Hopeless, The wealthy win again.

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To be fair, what this election says about America is that the place is under tremendous stress. Weird shit happens anywhere in stressful times, and nobody’s going to outdo America when it comes to obtuse extremes. NOBODY!

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^ Correct.

Germany and The Congo, The Soviet Union.

They did not go to obtuse extremes…

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How to move to Canada

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@stanleybmanly We have been seriously outdone as I have yet to see any American grab someone by the crown of their head and shout Allahu Akbar or hail to Obama while separating the unfortunate’s head from their body with a dull Bowie Knife.

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Most Vote Against Their Interests.

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the f!”&*

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curtain call for western civilization

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Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing.

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You better hope Bernie wins.

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Krazy (Yes, I misspelled. Deal with it!)

@Cruiser We haven’t done that in a while, though we weren’t exactly civilized to the Native Americans. There are a few Japanese-Americans that have a few things to say about their treatment in the early 1940’s too, whether it be the internment camps of just dropping a couple of big bombs on their tiny motherland. It’s not that we’ve been outdone so much as adopted more sophisticated tactics.

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Have you ever watched a video of what happens to people when they are hit by a drone strike? I bet a few of them have lost their heads as well.

After reading through some of the writings from Bin Ladens Bookshelf, it has become obvious that we have no understanding of why they hate us, nor do we want to take the time to learn.

“Finally, I am presenting to the people a peaceful initiative due
to the positive response of the latest events and the opinion
polls in Europe, who want peace and reconciliation with us. In
this initiative, we are obligated to stop Jihadists’ operations
against every country that pledges not to attack Muslims or
interfere in their affairs, and from that is the great Middle
Eastern initiative. It can be renewed with every new government
that pledges to abide by its contents with agreement from both
sides. The initiative will start with the departure of the last
soldier of that country from our country. You do know that Muslims will never betray this, if you want reconciliation. We
have answered you, and on the contrary, if you do not want our
peace initiatives and want otherwise, we are its sons.” Osama Bin Laden

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@Cruiser Sometime back, wasn’t ISIS brandishing a recruiting video of one of its American “volunteers” doing exactly the things you listed?

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“Change: this time for real.”


“Change: for better or worse.”

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A strong desire for change.

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^^Yay. Two more people with positive thoughts.

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Polarized politics play painful pandemonium.

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Polarized, but there’s still hope!

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