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Does the US need similar safe-selfie signs? Are selfie-takers really that oblivious?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28840points) July 8th, 2015

Apparently in Russia they are


I have been bumped into by selfie-takers a couple of times, and saw one almost hit by a bus. Totally her fault.

Do we need signs? Will they be effective?

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Sounds like a desperate attempt to stop things like the one you mentioned from happening.

But I don’t think that will make some selfie-crazed idiots change their mind. They are all about getting themselves seen by everyone at places they think “valuable”.

I’ve seen some people almost hit by cars or fall into water just by their selfies. These same people still risk their life again after the incidents. They just can’t learn.

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Americans jump into alligator infested rivers despite warning signs, you think they would care about those selfie warnings?

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I think warning signs can have a positive effect over time.

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Let natural selection take due course, it won’t be a problem

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@ragingloli No.

In fact, the signs could backfire when hard core selfie takers start taking selfies in front of the signs. :)

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Anyone foolish enough to need such a warning probably won’t benefit from it, but the real reason a business puts up any kind of warning sign does so to protect itself from possible liable.

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Not directly related to selfies, but one of the best “don’t” signs I ever saw was at the bar in Luckenbach, TX: Please don’t make us write “don’t” signs!

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