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Accidents for your viewing pleasure, is it not a little disturbing?

Asked by Berserker (33506points) July 22nd, 2015

I got bored yesterday and went on YouTube and typed in “crazy video”. First result was stuff caught on dash cameras, and one thing was a boeing crashing. It literally exploded as it crashed. I only thought that happened in movies. The suggested videos after were all similar things, airplane, car, boat and train crashes caught by people at the right time.
Now this is nothing new, this stuff is all over the internet if one desires to see it. Videos of people getting hurt and killed. And of course, not just accidents like what I described.

A lot of this is shown on the news too, but what do you guys think about compilation videos of such things? People get hurt and killed, and this is on YouTube for us to view, to satisfy morbid curiosity and then give likes (or dislikes) to. Do you find it a tad disturbing that people can get a kick out of watching this stuff? Or get a kick out of making such videos? Do you think it’s a lack of respect for those who died in what one was watching?

I’m actually kind of a wuss. I love gore, death and murder…in fiction. I get disturbed seeing it for real, or at least videos of such things. Not so much what I see rather than knowing I just saw a bunch of people die. I don’t have anything against the videos being put up. I mean, it’s legal, people do what they want, I just find it kind of morbid. It can be informative at times; you can tell the difference between a video showing this stuff to inform the viewer and one that seeks to entertain.

So what is your opinion of such videos being available en masse? Any kind, like accidents, animal attacks, people getting beat up, natural disaster footage, etc.

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@Symbeline – you seem to imply that because someone got hurt or killed, it is in some way bad to watch the video.

The person in the accident is already dead (or wounded) – no amount of YouTube watching is going to bring them back to life (or not), or make their wounds heal faster.

In fact, I would argue that watching these, although perhaps morbid, is in fact instructive in terms of being familiar with how to react in certain situations.

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Thank you for admitting it, I have always wondered why the motoring public has to damn near stop and stare at an accident screwing up traffic for miles,even when it isn’t blocking the road and the cops are letting traffic by.

Now with those videos have any made you think your own driving could improve here and there so your not on the next video on youtube??

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I take no offense from the fad. It’s just another of the growing list of realities to which we are required to adjust.

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You’re right, @stanleybmanly, and I hate it.

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@elbanditoroso you seem to imply that because someone got hurt or killed, it is in some way bad to watch the video.

Please get that out of your head. I knew this was going to happem, and maybe it’s my fault for how I worded it, but no, I don’t think it’s bad or immoral to watch or make such videos. I said it was dusturbing yes, not bad. I said in my details that I have nothing against it.

And I agree about the informative part of it, although I certainly would not rely on such videos to learn how to act if I saw such an accident myself. Call the authorities would be my first thing, if they didn’t already know. I also have first aid training, so I would see if I could help people until the real medics arrive. If I didn’t freak out and shit lol.

@SQUEEKY2 I don’t own a car, but yeah, some of the vids make me think nonetheless. As far as car crashes go though, some people really are…stupid lol. Or just crazy maybe.

When it comes to people growing into giraffes when they see an accident, I often wonder that myself. In any cases in my life where I happened upon an accident, I don’t have any desire to stare and look at some mutilated person. Well not true, once as a kid I tried to go look at an accident, but the police were there and sent me away. I think of that today, and I’m kinda glad that cop told me to fuck off. So it’s not like I’m criticizing people here, I have done it myself.
But it is a strange phenomena. Although I do think it’s good that people group around an accident until help arrives. It’s easier to find the spot of the accident when there’s a large group of people there.

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I know what you are saying. In a compilation of Stupid Things People Do, called Legends in Their Own Minds,, which I find hilarious, there is one shot of a guy swinging on a giant bar perched on a cliff. As he’s going around, the bar tears free from the cliff and the guy and the swing disappear over the edge. That was so disturbing I tracked the original down…and somehow he had survived. If he hadn’t I don’t know that I could have watched that video any more.

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@pachy. Yeah. It bothers me too, but I’m convinced that the reason in my case is almost certainly about growing old. The one thing that I find unnerving is that the pace of change around me is accelerating. But then again, is it true or merely an age induced illusion? I suspect that my take is accurate, and raises an interesting question to post here.

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@stanleybmanly I don’t think it’s anything new. It may have been less present before the Internet because of how limited sources were then, so yeah the pace itself changes…but not the fascination, for lack of better word.
And since the net has become common for most folk, that stuff has been regular on it. The first videos and pictures of stuff like that I have seen was in the end of the 90’s. Porn, gore, this stuff will probably always be constant with people. But yes, the pace and distribution do change.

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In general, people’s lives swerve toward the routine side. Anything amazing-different-extreme-other-than-ordinary that happens, or is viewed or experienced is then amplified on the scale of interest. It’s why people “rubber neck” at an accident.. and cause unnecessary drama on facebook. It’s why news stations generally try to make things sound extreme.. dangerous.. high numbers… big explosions… large fires..

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Horror flicks are fine, it’s fake violence and fantasy. At the end of the day the actors take a shower and head out for a drink or dinner. The real stuff is more disturbing because you know those peeps are going home, and there are people crying and mourning their lost loved ones.
@Symbeline It’s okay to find these disturbing. You have empathy. Only a psycho would truly enjoy those.

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I think it’s actually useful that people get exposed to actual uncensored violence.

Fake violence sometimes disturbs me more, because I have seen some actual violence, and fake violence can make violence seem less horrible than it is. I’d rather have a child play a game with realistic violence, than one where people die but they just blink and the bodies disappear, and/or immediately “re-spawn” ready to fight again.

Showing the actual horror and consequences of violence tends to make sane people want to avoid that happening in reality. People who haven’t seen that may be more likely to vote for war, drive recklessly, etc.

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I certainly agree with that. One way or another, people do have to know that this stuff happens everywhere and all the time. That’s one reason I despise censorship, especially when encouraged by people who seem to have the out of sight, out of mind mentality. Not saying we should show these videos to kids on a regular basis, but pretending it doesn’t happen won’t change the fact that it does.

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I can’t watch that. I cringe every time I see people hurt themselves that way.

I prefer the ‘people are awesome’ clips. Like this one:

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GA and I fully agree. Watching videos that highlight the awesome side of humanity is uplifting, inspirational… beneficial.. the others don’t seem to have much value to me.

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Doesn’t anyone watch these types of videos for an educational reason?
Thinking yeah I have done that or this from time to time and OMG that can happen maybe I wont do it anymore!!??

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I am very tempted to show some of those wreck videos to my grandson, who is almost old enough to drive.

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I admit it. I kinda enjoy watching those clips on Youtube. Call it Schaudenfreude. Someone is having a crummier day than I am. Sometimes I like the stupid people videos, like the ‘worlds dumbest **insert something here**. The very best is watching worlds worst parallel parkers!

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@majorrich Well maybe that also explains why guy find shots to the crotch to other guys funny. It’s sick and twisted, but still fun.

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Oh yeah! Nutshots rule!

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I don’t seek out disturbing videos but I do like animal attacks, especially the funny ones. Saw a great one the other night, a little girl poking a horse and the horse picked her up by her jacket collar and tossed her away. lol
I have a tough countenance and while I don’t seek things out I am not scarred for life by seeing blood and gore either. I guess it’s the science girl in me. I am not a squeamish female for the most part and I can handle human gore much better than a video of maggots. lol

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People aren’t necessary morbid to watch those death things. Some of them are just curious of the contents of the video. People see something like “Man brutally shot by robbers after putting up a fight” and the first thing in their mind can be “Oh my! It’s that bad? What exactly happened? I need to check this out.” And most normal people will feel disgusted after watching a person getting killed in action.

And I’ve read somewhere that our brain is wired for the negative, so people are more interested in negative things than positive things. We aren’t more interested in a news about a crime happening somewhere than a news about someone doing chairity for nothing.

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@Coloma This is right up your alley then, girl.
WARNING; fucking hilarious.

@Mimishu1995 Interesting about the brain wiring. Did not know that, but it certainly explains a lot. @Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One makes a good point then, if the media does it on purpose to show us the morbiddy negative stuff most of the time, rather than positive shit.

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@Symbeline LMAO! That was great!!!!

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@Coloma I was out to Roger’s Conservation Center, a nature reserve here and another couple was a bit a head of me. There’s lots of water and waterfowl. A goose went after the guy. He ran screaming up the path. It was so funny.The goose never bothered us. I’m not sure what set her off.

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Well, there is the “When Geese Attack,” and then there is “When Ducks Fall In Love.”
True story.
My son’s friend brought his family “home” for a visit. They went to our local park, which is chock full of geese and ducks.
This duck fell in love with Shane. Followed him around. Hissed at anyone who came to close, especially his wife.
This is the closest Shane came to marrying that duck, no matter how much it cried.
I have never seen anything like it!

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@Adirondackwannabe Haha The thing is with geese, if you challenge them it is all over, one aggressive move and they will never back off. They are very tenacious. Best to ignore them and let them think they have driven you off.
@Dutchess_III Cute! That is not a duck it is white Embden goose!
The goose might have been an imprint bird that was dumped and your son reminded it of it’s original caregiver.

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I KNEW IT WAS A GOOSE!!!! I kept telling them it was a goose, but they finally beat me into their way of thinking! Wait till I tell them!

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I like this video I took several years ago.

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@Dutchess_III Hahaha….ducks are much smaller and squat and have flat, shovel shaped bills. Geese are bigger, taller and have more curved beaks not flattened.

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