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When do you bluff or outright lie?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) July 26th, 2015

Outside of games.

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I don’t lie.*

* Note: There is one exception that is borderline because it is not entirely truthful: the santa claus question, which I dealt with on a recent thread. I don’t tell the kids that Santa is real, but I am complicit in some level of playing up the myth.

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Poker night!

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I lie to protect myself at times. I’m extremely introverted, and I don’t always have the courage to say so. I end up making excuses to get out of social obligations.

I also lie to protect others. I’m not sure I am really protecting them, but it feels like I am. More and more, I’m getting used to the idea that other people’s relationships are beyond my control. I can help the people I care about by making sure their relationship with me is strong and healthy, and that’s the one I am hurting through lies.

I also lie for fun, just to practice my poker face. I clear these lies up right away, and I only do this to people who can appreciate the joke.

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Does this dress make me look fat?

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@stanleybmanly It’s the fat that makes you fat.

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When giants with chainsaws come after me.

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I never lie.
One of my breasts is bigger than the other two.

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If I’ve surrounded myself with people who can’t handle the truth that comes out of my mouth, I find new people to be around. Lying is pointless, even for questions where people want to know if an outfit makes them look fat – because there are always tactful ways of telling the truth and helpful things someone can do to give ideas about what might look better on someone.

I’ve made it an actual life goal not to ever lie. When I tell people, they think I’m crazy (there are a few exceptions I’d make for certain things – life or death, surprise parties [unless dealing with a massive introvert who would be extremely displeased], etc.). I also find it interesting that people assume not lying means I have to divulge everything, all the time. Totally not how it works. I can either tell you, or decide not to.

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I bluff in poker or negotiating arrangements.
I would only lie if my purpose was to deceive people who were already lying about their intentions, and I knew it.

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When it suits me. But I won’t tell a lie when it may cause hurt, either physically, mentally, or financially, on another.

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When farting in line at the bank or wherever, it’s best to blame any elderly person who happens to be lingering. Not so much a lie, just taking advantage of your surroundings.

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@ucme Hmm…there must be a term for that…socio-ecological exploitation! :D

SEE for short. XD

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Outright lie? Never.

Bluff? Only in a game.

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I will outright lie when a little old lady brings me a barely edible pie and says, “Was it good?”

I’ll bluff if I have something at the antique mall priced $200 and the offer is $150. I’ll take $165!

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A whole damn lot.

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I don’t like to lie. I like to avoid it, because lying makes me feel really unhappy.

Nevertheless, I lie whenever it’s seriously needed to protect someone or someone’s interest. I would way options and the severity of the lie versus the severity of the truth…

Those that say they never lie have never lived or havebeen lucky enough to never face a true dilemma.

Why would I tell my young intern that is about to do an important presentation for the very first time in her life that I believe that she chose the wrong dress? I’ll tell her that she looks great and she’ll do just fine.

And then we may have Jews in our attic.

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Whenever it works to my convenience or benefit.

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I will admit when I do wrong – make a mistake, forget to do something. I don’t think fast enough to cover up. I’m honest.

I usually don’t lie. However, if someone says to me something like “I just got my hair cut. Do you like it?” I feel no need to say no. I’ll say “Yes, it’s cute!” or something like that. No need to give a negative opinion when it can be avoided.

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