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How do I put videos on my iPod without using iTunes?

Asked by HotAsIce911 (156points) July 20th, 2008

A while back when I got my iPod Nano, the one that you can put videos on, obviously, I tried to put a music video on just to see, I didn’t buy the video from the itunes store and I don’t use iTunes to put music on my iPod, I use winamp. I read somewhere that you have to convert the video into mp4 or something, is this true? I’m not very technological so anything would help.

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well, let’s start with the basics, you need to use itunes to interact with the data management side of your ipod, so you’ll have to use itunes to put the video on your ipod, next, the video will need to be of a .mov or .mp4 format, so yes, that is true :p i don’t know any converters for that…windows, so you’ll have to treasure hunt yourself for that.

you can either put the video in your library and then sync your ipod or manually manage your ipod and just drag&drop it on your ipod’s library (through itunes)

but one thing, how do you put music on your ipod using winamp? never heard of it really, using a plugin or ext. app. ?

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Thanks, I have already found a converter, so I’ll get to downloading itunes :P.
To use your Ipod with winamp you have to go in itunes and select something under itunes in options it says like don’t open with itunes or something on your ipod and when you connect your ipod a thing will pop up asking what you would like to use it with. I usually close that and then open winamp and then under portables my ipod pops up and you can just drag your songs on to it, or sync the whole library. The good thing about winamp is that you can get songs from other peoples winamp without your whole library being deleted off of your ipod.

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@HotAslce911 VLC media player has an excellent converter attached.

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IF you are tying to get them from youtube go to and enter the url of the video, from there you should right click the lower download option click SAVE AS TARGET (make sure your downloading as an mp4) download this somewhere other than your ipod and then go into itunes and click FILE---ADD FOLDER TO LIBRARY and select it. you can also click ADD FILE TO LIBRARY then it will sync to your ipod or, you drag it over and move it there...

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