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Best camping near Sebastapol, CA?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) July 20th, 2008

I’ll be camping with a group, maybe up to 10 people. I’d love to not be surrounded by RVs and generators or crazy drunks.

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Yosemite is a beautiful place.

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I mean really close to Sebastapol, as in 20 minutes drive. I forgot to mention that : )

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Big Sur if you like to find hidden campsites. Go walking up into the boulders.

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I ought to know (have spent a lot of time near there, but not camping), and it’s a great question (esp re RVs & drunks)—but I will recommend Burke’s canoe trips if you’re looking for something to do! It’s just past Forestville on River Road, not far from Sebastopol. A great 10-mile trip, super fun in groups, and a perfect thing to do while camping.

Let us know what you find!

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thanks, zina! I’m actually going up for a bike ride (not really a race, but a big ride) so we’re trying to find a place to camp. I have done Burke’s before and thought the campsite was pretty crappy. I also stayed at the outback up there which is interesting because its on the grounds of an old amusement park and the broken down rides are still there. Can you say liability??? Anyway, I’m also considering Bodega Bay which is about the same distance as Guerneville but might be nicer in terms of the campsites.

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I’m for Bodega Bay

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I just went to Salt Point State Park a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. It’s maybe 20 or 30 minutes north of Sebastopol on the coast. There’s a trail that goes to the beach from the campsites. The hubby and I went with a bunch of friends and it was perfect. There were other people there, but it’s pretty secluded.

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