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Should France and Spain set their clocks back an hour?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) August 15th, 2015

Right now they have the same time as Germany due to a war. I believe the it is more natural that their tine should be GMT.

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Well Spain aligned with Central European Time after World War II. But the important thing to business and commerce in France and Spain is being on the same time as the rest of the European Union.

So while it might be natural to be aligned with sidereal time, it would be inconvenient in other ways.

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What benefit would it bring? Changing it without a good reason makes no sense.

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I don’t know. Time zones and daylight savings is handled differently all over the world. In America we argue about daylight savings. I would like to stay on savings time all year. There are a few states in America that don’t switch to daylight savings.

In China, which is a fairly big country east to west, all regions are on the same time.

The people in the country need to decide I think.

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Did you see that North Korea changed their clocks this week? The moved theirs back one half hour.
Yes, I am not joking.
When the rest of the world is at the top of the hour, North Korea is at the half.

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I don’t understand why we all need to have different times.
Why can’t the whole world (or all the voluntarily willing nations at least) just go by Greenwich Mean Time? No real need for “zones”, it’s ridiculous.

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I’d explain but I think it is beyond comprehension . . .

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