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It's your worst nightmare. You are standing in front of a crowd of thousands, delivering a speech. Everyone starts laughing loudly. You look down, and uh-oh, what's wrong & how do you react?

Asked by MeowMix78 (5points) August 26th, 2015

How do you react?

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That happened once – speaking to a crowd, zipper was open. Nothing hanging out, but still embarrassing. I said ‘excuse me” into the mic, turned around, fixed the problem, and moved on. Took all of 20 seconds. No one cared.

I had a different embarrassing problem – I was taking some medicines that make you urinate frequently and strongly. That day I was teaching a training course – people had driven in from 50 miles away. Middle of the class, the urge struck. No choice. I smiled, said excuse me, it’s my medicine, went to pee, and then continued the class.

It happens to everyone… it feels terrible to you when it happens, but the audience never remembers a thing.

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It happened to me once— I was about 25 years old and leading a devotional in front of a group of college students. It was a religious retreat

One person was trying to get my attention—someone I really didn’t like and would not acknowledge. The girls seemed a little “frisky” and the guys seemed like they were expecting me to do something “clownlike.”

What was wrong— well, my fly was indeed opened, and I was wearing especially noticeable, red Christmas underwear with little bells (the print) I think.

After the group responded friskily to my invitation, the guy who was trying to get my attention explained why. That’s when I saw what the group was so attentive about. Fortunately, it looked more clownlike than perverted.

I was embarrassed to the point of being angry but I think everyone enjoyed it.

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Wanna know something REALLY EMBARRASSING that happened to a priest at Grace St. Lukes Episcopal Church in Memphis during a Good Friday service in 2001?

He quietly left the worshipers in order to take a pee—in a toilet—and his wireless microphone was on the entire time. In the sanctuary, the sound of peeing in the toilet filled the sanctuary— then the toilet flush. When he was told what happened, he could not go back to face the worshipers (so he said) but was encouraged that he had to finish the service. He insisted it was the water fountain he went to—but we heard it all including the flush.

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@Yellowdog hilarious! I’m trying to figure out how to GA you on a phone.

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