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In the Terminator 2 movie why didn't John Conner give the good terminator the extra arm instead of throwing it into the liquid steel?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) August 28th, 2015

Seeing the terminator lost an arm they could replace it with the arm from Cyberdine.

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Given time, maybe they could have used that arm to attach it to the Terminator. But if I recall right and proper, he lost his arm in the middle of combat against the T-1000, and the latter was hot on their asses. Where would they have found the time to attach it?
Plus they needed tools and stuff to do it like when they messed with his chip in his head earlier in the movie…no resources, no time.

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@Symbeline They had already defeated the T-1000 . So they had all the time in the world.

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But remember, the Terminator’s job was to terminate itself once the T-1000 was destroyed. It was its orders, which were programed into it. So in that case, it no longer needed the arm, and would have refused it, if it had been offered. John tried to order it not to kill itself, but it wasn’t happening.

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@Symbeline The good terminator said that it cannot self terminate.

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Oh yeah, I forgot. Well it got Sarah to do it, and it wasn’t changing its mind about it, so I’m guessing it still would have refused the arm.

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There woulda been no point, he had nowt left to fight for & the chip, the technology within the arm, had to be destroyed coz it was that which began the idea of super computers which were to wipe out mankind. Besides, it was in the fuckin script bro :D

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@ucme Yet SkyNet still was produced.

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Yeah, but this is Terminator we’re talking about, like Sarah said…we’re changing a future that already happened. Proper fucking weird shit if you think it through too much.

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You seem to think that the Terminator series gives half a drop of rat piss for things like temporal physics or continuity. Here is the SIMPLE version of the Terminator chrononolgy

We must turn to a different sci-fi franchise that is more about time travel than explosions to find the real answer

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