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Did the monsters under the bed ever completely prevent you from sleeping at night (details inside ) ?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) August 28th, 2015

Mine did and I adjusted my sleeping patterns, where I would sleep during the day and play Netendo at night. Of course that would mean that I would have to skip school. So I ended up skipping 80 days of school in grade 7. Until I outgrew my monster. My monster was made of electricity and looked like my dad. I would toss my teddy bears at it and would run out and then I would throw my pillows. Eventually I would stay up all night afraid. So I slept when the sun was up and stayed up all night watching TV , radio, and playing Netendo . I barely passed grade 7. I showed up for the tests.

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Nah, I just tied my cock to my leg.

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There was this one time where a subspace rift opened beneath my bed, an elder Fek’Ihri slipped through and tried to devour my pet Targ.
So I took my Mek’leth and cut its head off, and feasted upon its intestines.

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My dad was the monster. I would wake up to him beating the shit out of my mom and sister in a drunken rage. So, yeah, it can always get worse.

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@ragingloli Did you ruin your sleep? Eating all that Fek’lhri at night.

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I never slept better.

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@johnpowell My dad would kick open my door at night and make me do the dishes. I would get my sleep on the light rail transit train from school. For all day. I’m sorry that your dad hurt you and your mom. My parents divorced when I was two and I rarely saw them fight.

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I have yet to encounter any 13–14 yr. olds (7th grade) who are still afraid of monsters under beds or have imaginary playmates.

That’s a nursery school, kindergarten age kind of thing.

7th grade? No way.

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@Buttonstc Well let me be your first.

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I lost sleep at first, but I forced myself to confront it. I would go stand by my bed and someone, mom, dad sibling, would turn off the light and close the door. I would stay there until my fear subsided. I was about 6 years old at the time so I couldn’t sleep during the day.

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I was pretty young when I had that fear for a short while. Before getting under the covers I used a flashlight to look under the bed. The only thing under there was dust and my junk.
and some lost Halloween candy.

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I never had monsters under my bed nor in my closet. I didn’t know that was a thing until I saw it on a movie when I was a teenager.

I wonder if it’s more of a boy thing?

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Um….When going to bed I just hated those few seconds when my feet were on the floor by the underside of the bed! Just gave me the willies, thinking something may grab them. It may just be some sort of instinct.

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Yes, but I had gottten over it until Donald Trump came along.

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Seriously… Had you been given a flashlight and a Daisy model 105 BB gun you’d have slept like a baby.

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When I was little I slept in the part of the trundle bed that was put away during the day. Maybe that’s why it never occurred to me to be afraid of a monster?

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I was afraid of witches, not monsters. I had wicked witch dreams as a little girl. Witches in my head not monsters under my bed.

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My fear was ghosts, and it lasted quite a while.

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My fear at 14, 15 was, literally, falling asleep. I over thought it at some point. I over thought the mechanics of it and I freaked myself out. I consously remembered everything that leads up to falling asleep, especially that moment when you’re losing touch with the real world. Falling asleep, falling unconscious in a way, is a really WEIRD thing! I stayed up half the night, reading under the covers until my body just slammed me down. Seems like it went on forever, but was probably only a couple of weeks.

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Also, no. When I was like 4 or 5, I used to think the pipes inside walls spoke to each other, plotting against me. I don’t quite recall all that, but my dad used to tell me that I’d scream at night for him to come, because the pipes were trying to kill me. I don’t remember losing sleep over it though. Or not much, anyway.

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