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What did Obama do to get Bin Laden, that Bush didn't do?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42443points) September 2nd, 2015

Just curious. Why couldn’t Bush get him?

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Why would attribute the killing of Bin Laden to the president? There had been intelligence gathering for many years. I’m not sure the president is involved in these activities (Bush or Obama).

What is puzzling, however, is that they finally find him and they kill him. The question could have been, “Who f*cked up and was unable to capture Bin Laden?”

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The president is ultimately responsible. The military can’t just go off and do whatever they want to do.

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He got lucky

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@Dutchess_III: “The president is ultimately responsible. The military can’t just go off and do whatever they want to do.”

CIA: “Mr. President, we just can’t find the guy.”

Obama: “I have an idea. Have you guys checked Abbottabad lately? I have a feeling that son of a gun might be hiding in a compound there. I’ll show you where you should look on this map. Come to think of it – I’m coming with you! Give me that gun.”

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The odds are that considering the resources the United States was willing to commit to his death or capture, Osama was a goner. The only questions involved when and dead or alive. Despite the storybook tale of the hunt for and tracking down of “the devil”, It’s a damned good bet that he wa snitched out. There was just entirely too much money to be obtained for things to be otherwise

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He got to do what Clinton didn’t do and Bush didn’t do and that was thumb his nose at his best adviser’s who consitently said now is not a good time to take him out. Plus we really have no proof it was Bin Laden’s body they claim they so quickly dumped in the ocean.

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Bush canceled the surveliance that was tracking Osama. No info, how do you expect to get the guy?

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Bin Laden was almost captured in Tora Bora in 2001. But the Administration backed off on the chance to get him because that would have undermined the premise to invade Iraq.

Don’t forget, the Bin Laden family was friendly to the Carlyle Group, which is why a plane with part of the Bin Laden family was allowed to depart Boston Logan airport on 9/12/01.

Obama was able to get the CIA to locate Bin Laden because he is not beholden to Saudi Arabia like the Bush family.

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Out of curiosity, @Cruiser, what “proof” is it that “we” don’t have? And who is “we”, exactly? You? A couple of hundred million American civilians who had never met the guy and wouldn’t have known who he was had they bumped into him at Safeway?
I’ve seen and heard that again and again, that the nameless “we” should have had something to say about this, that “we” we’re entitled to “proof”.
Just what the hell “proof” would “we” accept?

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The military under Bush couldn’t find him. Obama got lucky, and Bin Laden got careless.

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He pursued bin Laden. Bush didn’t.

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@canidmajor “We” are the obvious…we are the powers that be that we hold to a higher position in our Government that we trust who do as they say they have. There was zero proof that the person Seal Team Six took out was Osama and consequently the “body” they buried at sea was Osama. The lack of any proof is further proof we cannot trust our Government. I cannot and will not ever take their word that they did anything of this caliber just on their word it happened. To me the lack of immediate backlash from the muslim community over Osama’s ‘assassination’ tells me they know what we did not know if Seal Team 6 in fact did nail Osama….I can guarantee you that not one of those soldiers would come forward and write a book about it let alone brag about this as they would be sealing their fate to be beheaded by Osama’s faithful. Plus at the very least they would be court martialed as well for their breach of security protocols.

There are just way too many instances where we see the Government and people serving under their administration that commit acts while on the clock that are against our constitution. A blind eye towards what appears to be a positive result is not acceptable in my book and time we hold those in office accountable for their actions and the truth or lack thereof behind them.

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If I recall correctly, under President Bush, our intelligence had just located Bin Laden’s cell phone so we could track him when someone like the New York Times “leaked” the information to the public which totally “Grubered up” our mission. I would call that treason. I also recall Bush’s press conference when he told the country what had happened.

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Bush has close personal ties to Bin Laden Saudi family. Bush couldn’t kill his friends family member.

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They went to the same mosque, so it just took a little networking.

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