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Why is shopping in a grocery store a lot like driving a vehicle?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) July 21st, 2008

another “grocery store” question. well, there’s “road rage” and “grocery store” rage. slow cart pushers. aisle huggers. shelf product hoggers. “hi, i havent seen you in a long time” loiterers. since i am the cook at my house i frequent supermarkets a lot, but is there a such thing as “store” etiquette?

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At least the wheels on my vehicle know when to go in a straight line.

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I love to shop when most other people are not these days precisely because of this.

I’m afraid the rules of common decency are the basis of grocery store etiquette, but as we know that is eroding everywhere and grocery stores are no exception.

If I were queen of the world (Why don’t people ask me to be?) my list would be as follows:

1. Parents. We understand that sometimes you must bring the children with you, but you then have a responsibility to watch them closely. They should not be allowed to run in the aisles (dangerous for themselves and others), handle merchandise (other than to with your pre-approval take one item from the shelf and put it in your cart), ram the customer-in-training carts into other shoppers, scream and yell, or stand or climb on shelving units (again, dangerous to self and others).

2. It is not OK for anyone to take food or produce and eat it, or to open containers and then not purchase them, but put them back on the shelf.

3. It is not OK to walk away from your cart to shop in a narrow aisle during crowded times, forcing people to maneuver your basket to get around or blocking them altogether.

4. It is rude to walk through a store talking loudly on your cell phone. People who talk on their cell phones while transacting business with the cashier should receive an electric shock.

5. If you see an empty cart in an aisle, it is not yours for the taking. I made the effort to get it from the rack (just as you could have done) and just because I turned my back for a second does not mean you can take it.

6. Conversely, please wait to get your cart until after you buy your lotto or go to the restroom rather than blocking these always crowded areas with your empty carts.

7. Yes, I am standing in line at the deli, meat, seafood or bakery counter when you get there because I am waiting for service. The law of the jungle where the loudest gets served first does not apply. If you are in doubt, please ask me if I have been waited on before jumping in front.

8. While it is nice that the checker is your friend, neighbor, Aunt Nelly, or whatever, please be courteous about the rest of us in line and our time. Hold your lengthy catch-up conversations elsewhere on your own time.

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I was trying to exit the grocery store the other day in the middle of a rain shower. As I was trying to get out, there was a man blocking the door with his daughter and shopping cart while his wife went to get the car (what kind of man makes his wife walk through the rain?). I had to say “Excuse me,” four three times, finally screaming at him so he would move out of the way.

That’s one of my pet peeves. Are people just oblivious to how they fit into the space around themselves, or are they just so self-absorbed that they don’t care that there are other people near them?

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@Poser I believe the latter. It falls under my needs are much more important than yours.

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usually when i’m in the supermarket i get frustrated by the aisle hoggers, they drop their cart in the middle, then walk of searching for something and i have to violently push it aside, and then they give me the “you could have asked look” which makes me want to spit acid in their face like the scene from jurassic park

ugh, already typing this makes me mad

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I say “beep beep” when people don’t move after I’ve said “excuse me.” My daughter doesn’t shop with me any longer. She is so afraid of what I might come out with next.

One time there was an elderly man walking in front of me for three or four aisles at about 1 mph. I tried to pass him but then there he was on my side again. He looked totally lost and it turns out – he WAS. His wife gave him a list and at the top was Bisquick. He was walking up and down each aisle saying “Bisquick, Bisquick, Bisquick…” He had no idea where it was and was looking from side to side not noticing he was taking up the whole aisle. I told him where the Bisquick was and he was on his way. And I hope someone would help me someday.

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