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What part of the Zoo do you like to see?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) July 21st, 2008

I enjoy the apes the most. Its kind of sad knowing that they are not free by any means, and the can’t actually live there lives like there relatives. But they are so interesting, its boggling to watch them.

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I always like to see the flamingos. I feel bad for the animals in the zoos though. Most of the time they aren’t given nearly enough space.

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I like to watch the apes too because they are so funny when they are playful. But I also love the big cats. they may not do much to entertain us, but the are remarkably beautiful animals.

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I love to see the lions and tigers! They are just so beautiful and amazing. It is really nifty to see how they act like big kitty cats.

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I love Polar Bears. I had a huge stuffed one that I spent a lot of time holding on to during a very traumatic part of my youth. After that I saw them for the first time at the zoo in Denver. They were swimming in a tank that had one wall that was made of glass. They would put their paws on the glass and it was amazing how fucking huge they are. Amazing animals..

Maybe that is part of the reason I am a eco-nerd now.

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I like the seals! I had to do a video project on seals for biology class when i was in high school so i got to spend a lot of time with them. since then, i always look out for them since they represent some fun times and they are so playful and adorable :).

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I am very ambivalent about the existence and the role of zoos in the world. At least in this country we have some regulations regarding the treatment and handling of the animals. I’m always soo sad when I come home from visiting zoos, that I rarely go anymore. I do visit places like Shambala or facilities that better mimic natural habitats, like this.

Having said that, I love the big cats and the elephants.

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I loved the zoo, but can no longer go. I know it fulfills an important educational role in society and predisposes people to help wildlife. I just cannot bear to see the animals in captivity any more.

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I’ve always liked looking at the reptiles when I was little, and picking out all of my favorite ones.

Also one of my favorites is the “Fennec Fox”. They are the cutest little critters!!!

Yes, it could be sad looking at all the animals stuck in small cages… But I often wonder if maybe they are there for a reason, if they were saved from a destructive habitat, etc.

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Zoos are a conundrum – but keep in mind that their purpose has been slowly growing and evolving. While they began as sheer entertainment (sometimes disguised as education), they have been gradually moving toward active participation in conservation and breeding programs. They have become a significant force in the preservation of some keystone species. They have also begun to focus more on quality of life of the animals on display, more natural habitats (rather than just diaramas painted onto the back of a conrete cage), and behavioral enrichment.

Of course, ideally, all wildlife would be able to exist in a natural, protected environment in which they evolved. That becomes less and less likely as the predominant specie of the planet continues to breed uncontrollably.

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@syz That’s what I wanted to say. You said it so much better.

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Me too! What syz said! :)

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I love all animals it is hard to choose my favorites. I can not wait until I get to work with them in the future. I like wolves but also big cats a lot. And I love the really rare animals too.

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definitely the flamingos, giraffes, and polar bears.

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The polar bears, so beautiful swimming; the otters, ditto; the beautiful horny
huge graceful hideously ugly sea lion, also swimming. The tiger, tiger, burning bright. The tiger! Tigers are deeply endangered and so when I see one in a zoo I thank God for its continued life.

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High five to lovelyy for liking the flamingos, too.

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I go for the Tigers—to me, there is simply no other animal that is more majestic than a Tiger.

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Monkeys, cats and bears – of any kind.

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Oh come on people, the Reptile Aquarium!

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^^ yes, I did say that.

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The snack bar!

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The penguins are my favorite!!! But sadly, they don’t have penguins at the Cleveland Zoo :( I like touching the stingrays too!!!

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