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Facebooks NEW friend bar?

Asked by yowza (6points) July 21st, 2008

you know that new friend bar that was added to facebook recently? i have seen websites in the past that have a bar on the page always, and when you get out of the specified website it still remains there. like this bar on your page AT ALL TIMES. its not always a friend bar though, i saw one that was a stock ticker.

my question is..what are these called? someone said eye-view or something. and DOES ANYONE know any websites like these? im doing a research report for class, and ive been looking forever on google with no results. help!

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These could be loaded in a frame, and clicking links to other pages would leave them active, but if you typed a new address (you are on, and type in into the address bar it would remove them.

Are thinking of things like the Google toolbar?

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*are you thinking

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oh its called iFrame i think, do you guys know any sites with iFrames?

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Google Images uses them.

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oh ya, i totally forgot! i know ive seen another one before similar to that, but i forgot the site!

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