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How can I separate 2 items of glass that have been sealed together with silicone?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) September 17th, 2015

2 smooth glass surfaces that are about 3 inches across.

(Paperweight glued to the bottom of a bowl, both polished smooth and years dried.)

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Razor blade or kinda expensive solvents

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I agree, @Cruiser.

Several years ago I bought a demo model lo-boy toilet and someone had siliconed the lid on the tank. A razor blade, wire, other sharp tools were ruined in the process and several different solvents were employed removing it but I finally succeeded.

It was a while ago so I don’t recall which solvents I used but I did use several different ones hoping to find one that just dissolved the silicone. None did.

You can do it @ibstubro but it won’t be a real simple process.

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I found this when I was looking for the super-expensive DSR-5.

My pipe-fitter friend claims gas will eat silicone?

Razor blade is of no use as the smallest surface is about 3” across and 100% sealed. Plus, it’s glass.
I think if I bake them in the oven on low for the better part of the day I can get them apart, then I just need to clean the silicone off.

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@ibstubro It really depends on the blend of silicone and the time you have on your hands. Big box silicones do not fair well submerged in water over the long haul and will swell and soften. If you want to go gun’s a blazen get your hands on methylene chloride…submerge your glass and your problem will be solved in less than an hour. FYI UBER hazardous shit!

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I stand to make, maybe, a $25 profit, @rojo, so I’m seeking cheap and easy in the short term, information in the long.

It’s glass, so long term exposure to water isn’t an option, @Cruiser.

As for guns blazin? I’ve made inroads with a plastic knife. lol
I figure it will be a starting point for solvents or a breaking point for heat.

I considered a wire, like on my cheese cutter, but there wasn’t one handy and it is glass.
Plus I’d have to hunt old gloves.

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I suppose a hammer is right out?

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Try acetone.

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@gondwanalon That was one of the things I used, with limited success.

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Sometimes silicone based lubricant (as in, sexual lubricant) can eat through solid silicone. Hence why they say not to use it on silicone based toys. Worth a shot.

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No hammer @rojo.

Tried paint thinner…jury’s out @gondwanalon.

I’ll lube it up before I leave today, @Thammuz.

Heat gun = oven, only more even, controlled heat, @ARE_you_kidding_me.

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