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Crafty Jellies can you answer a question about fusible web?

Asked by abysmalbeauty (2734points) October 7th, 2011

How strong is this stuff really?

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Pretty strong. What’s the usage you’re wondering about?

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well i’ve been making these blankets stuffed with beads and sewing the interior (like a giant tick tac toe board) is really annoying, id rather just iron it lol

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@abysmalbeauty Like a therapy blanket? Weighted blanket?

If so, fusible web will work temporarily, but I on’t think it’ll hold up long haul on a project like that.

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that is what i thought, how about on other projects like attaching shapes to shirts how many washes would it withstand?

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T-shirts I’ve done and it holds up extremely well. IMO, as well as sewing does. I’ve used it on pillows and decor projects with zero issues.

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cool so its not totally useless lol, any fav brand or brand to stay away from?

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When I use it @abysmalbeauty I get the heaviest duty I can for each project. We always keep a roll ofstitch witchery on hand. My mom was never much of a sewer…but is petite & it’s all she’s used her entire life to hem her pants.

I’ve used the light & heavy duty sheets of fusing for various projects with no duds yet. I try to match the fabric to the best weight for it. I think my last project I used Mistyfuse

We have a quilt shop near our home. I don’t make quilts, but every so often I go and peek in to view the latest goodies the ladies there are using to make their quilt projects. They’re good for useful tips.

As an aside, I find fabric glue to be a pain. It’s ok for light projects, but tends to make fabric hard. I’ve now found that if I’m just “fixing” something to keep it nice until I replace it, I might as well get out the glue gun and save myself some time.

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you are a wealth of knowledge! thanks a ton!

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For stuff to stay put the best, make sure the fabric is washed first so the starch comes out of it. The stuff will absorb and stick better to the fabric if there’s no starch on it when you do it.

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There are several different weights of fusible web, some is very light for silks and such and some is very heavy for belts. Choose a heavier version for your work.

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I have always used Heat N Bond for all of my projects and have always been happy with that brand.

It’s really sturdy and stands up well to washing. But there are a few rules of thumb for using any type of product like this. The first is to use warm or cold wash only. Secondly, allow it to air dry. If you absolutely must use the dryer, run it on air only minus the heat. Basically you want to avoid re-melting the glue. These products start to peel and fray when folks just toss them in with the rest of their clothes and they are exposed to more heat than it can handle.

Heat N Bond also comes in a heavy duty version as well as regular. But even the heavy duty version can’t stand up to the heat of a dryer or hot wash cycle. Also be prepared for the fact that the heavy duty stuff will end up being rather stiffer than usual. But since you’re not using it on clothing, of shouldn’t be a problem for you.

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Re:Fabric Glue

I agree that most fabric glues get hard. However, there is one made by Aleene’s that doesn’t. It’s called Flexible-Stretchable and works well. You can use it on T-Shirts and stretch pants and it moves with the fabric instead of hardening it.

Sometimes Aleenes brand is not the easiest to find (depending upon where one lives) but it’s worth seeking out. They make quality products.

Have you ever used their Flexible-Stretchable ?

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No @Buttonstc I haven’t used it. Thank you for the tip!

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